No need for commentary.

From the NY Post:

It’s Our Lady of Spin the Bottle.

Pastor Maurice Johnson of the Winners Church in Queens delivers the sexiest Sunday sermon in town, preaching on how to keep romance alive in marriage — and then asking congregants to make out in a passionate, public kissing contest during the service.

The parishioners with the most passion — and tongue-wagging — win $50 to spend on date night.

“Your bedroom and your love life are fires that must be nurtured and fought for,” Johnson preaches in a booming voice that reverberates through the makeshift church in the PS 38 gym in Rosedale, Queens.

“Use the power of touch to ignite passion in your marriage,” Johnson tells his giggling, nondenominational congregation of 75.

He adds, “You should be visually stimulated for your husband or your wife. It is your biblical responsibility to look good for your spouse.”

Johnson then calls upon four married couples to rise and approach the pulpit.

As a keyboardist and a drummer ooze R&B tunes such as “I Like It” by DeBarge, the couples demonstrate their passion — by locking lips, hips and tongues for a seemingly endless five minutes.

When they come up for air, the rest of the churchgoers choose a winner by clapping for the most amorous couple.

Johnson, 39, told The Post he chose to deliver a series of sermons, titled “The Power and Pleasure of Romance,” to underscore the importance of marriage in the African-American community.

“Some people were like, ‘It seems strange to do at church,’ ” he said, “but they thought it was very creative.”

Keeping a romantic partnership ticking, he said, depends on showering your spouse with physical affection.

“God created a desire for love and romance,” Johnson said.

The face-sucking had some churchgoers blushing.

“You see kissing in all kinds of contexts, but you don’t necessarily see it in a marriage context,” said Frantz Cochy, 39, who won the contest when he seemed to forget that he was in front of a crowded room and hungrily embraced his wife of 13 years, Makeetah, 36.

“I wasn’t embarrassed, but I guess I felt a little awkward,” he said.

Olaiya Ayani, 33, had to cajole his wife, Ayanna, to stand up and play tonsil hockey in front of the packed room. But once on stage, the couple wrapped their arms around each other and didn’t hold back.

“My father and my mother never showed affection in public,” said Ayani, who met his wife two years ago on Craigslist. “I told myself, ‘I’m going to be more affectionate to my wife.’ ”

The pastor said he encourages married couples to drop their guard and experiment with each other in public.

“Any society that celebrates marriage, romance and love is going to be a free society,” Johnson said. “Public displays of affection aren’t wrong. Adam and Eve were naked, and they were not ashamed.”

The bachelor pastor says he’ll practice what he preaches next year, when he expects to marry.

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5 thoughts on “No need for commentary.

  1. Oh, disgusting!!! Who are these people worshipping?? Only in America. Date night…..I am so sick of hearing that. I’m sorry, it is stupid. With so many other things to think about(like taking care of your family, making a living, etc.)it seems silly. “Focus on me”. Oh, gee whiz. Grow up. If you are married, every nite is date nite. It’s called life. I’ve been married for over 40 years and all I could think about was trying to stay one step ahead of some sort of disaster, not some nite out. Thankful if ,when my head hit the pillow, we were all together and safe. What does any of that have to do with meeting with the Body of Christ to worship God?.Anyway, that’s just my two cents and I’m sure most will disagree and that’s ok.


  2. The title says No need for comment. Its easy to see why.

    However, here’s to trying.

    This is a publicity stunt that has worked. Who heard about him or his church before all this took place? People who live in the area might now attend, but for the wrong reason.

    Is it a church? By who’s criteria has that been decided? Does it need to be said that this is perverse?

    And since when, scripturally speaking, does an unmarried man qualify as a ‘pastor’?

    All the hype and entertainment that is involved means that they have to keep on their toes to keep the crowd interested. Ultimately, they will suffer burnout.

    My two cents.


  3. While some of what he says is true-marriages are a living gospel of Christ and His love for His bride and people should ‘witness’ this covenant committment-it is just like the devil to twist all that is good. This “pastor” had no forethought of what this demonstration might do to all the single people. How loving is it to force and put on display affections that usually take place in private, in front of people who are yearning for that same affection? That is not Christ or His Word.
    The public displays make me think of temple prostitution and virgin sacrifices and I think its all coming to that. We say oh no, that would never happen….but people are making out in church!
    Anton Levay (the church of satan) performed ‘marriages’ in front of nude virgins on alters in his church.
    I agree with Doreen and I am guessing the “pastor” is a pervert.


  4. I admit to being an outsider to reformed theology. I am somewhat confused by the response to this. It needed no commentary on this site, I assume that is because you are all on the same page about this. I would personally be uncomfortable at such a setting as described here. But what is fundamentally wrong here? Would a reading of the song of Solomon be off limits in a reformed church? It seems clear to me that Solomon was not bothered by the idea of writing something lustful in nature.


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