Pot meet kettle.

Not able to leave people well enough alone, anti-theists are at it again.

This time a national anti-theist organization is targeting a dot-on-the-map town in Tennessee for having the audacity to display a cross atop their water tower.

Now there’s nothing overtly newsworthy about this story, as Atheists have been bullying their way into building a godless utopia for years one litigious threat at a time. But what makes this particular instance intriguing, as reported by Fox News, is what celebrity anti-theist Dan Barker said. In this article Barker is actually quoted accusing the town’s mayor (who is in favor of the cross remaining) of being the one that’s “against religious freedom.”

One thought on “Pot meet kettle.

  1. Are atheists REALLY so offended by the cross? The Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) was sued by the American Atheists for the memorial markers they use on the roadside, since they are in the shape of a cross. I guess atheists are a bit overly sensetive if honoring a family member or friend with a cross offends them. Same issue with the World Trade Center. For petes sake, a couple thousand people perished there. If someone wants to erect a cross then let them. I guess we would be left with the question “what would we do if the cross offended us?” I’m happy to say I can’t and never will be able to answer that.


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