Incongruous contradictions.


You can purchase a similar version of this bumper sticker here, and you can read a blistering article on the foolishness of the Coexist sticker here.

HT: 4 Simpsons

7 thoughts on “Incongruous contradictions.

  1. It would have been nicer if they had placed (John 14:6) at the end of the “There can only be one truth” statement. I know, I know, everyone’s a critic!

    In Him,


  2. CD – we have to be careful, lest we offend anyone. I am under investigation at work because I have a reference to Romans 8:1 in email signature block. Doing so doesn’t violate policy, but it has offended someone, somewhere 🙂


  3. Several years ago, during “Gay Pride Week”, an employee in one of our offices made a poster of the text from Leviticus 20:13 and plastered it on his cubical. He was talked-to about it (contributing to a hostile work environment) and then fired; his termination upheld by the government’s appropriate board. When fellow Christians in my building heard about it, some of them were mortified and wanted to know if I was upset. I told them I was SHOCKED that a Christian would be so stupid as that fellow. The law is not going to change anyone and reprobates do not need counseling – they need the gospel. And practicing reprobates will have a pretty good standing in the world’s court as they point to Leviticus 20:13 and claim offense.

    But Romans 8:1 is nothing but good news 🙂 One has to rightly infer what’s not said in that verse to take offense!


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