The Three Most Dangerous Words …

It’s a girl.

Of course, history is full of such reports. But it’s easy to push history from one’s mind. How horrible – and that mother who killed 8 girls. May God have mercy. We must remember – with all the feminists attacks against Christianity – the religion of the One True God is the only social construct that rightly honors and values women and children.

The children of the devil continue to worship Molech.

Lord God of heaven, keep us from idols!

2 thoughts on “The Three Most Dangerous Words …

  1. When there are people shelling out millions for ONE BABY- girls are being killed off because they’re not boys- they don’t stay at home and take care of the parents when we all know that they can.
    China’s ina crisis because of this! Women are being kidnapped no because there’s not enough of them! What children make it 9 months are being abandonned and are ending up here in the US and in other countrys with parents who love them if not in worse situations. Why did it have to come to this?!


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