Nephi or Moroni?

The following is an interesting article from an unlikely source.

What most LDS have been taught in church and believe as truth.

The name of the angel that visited Joseph Smith three times on the night of Sept. 21, 1823 was named Moroni.  The name of the angel is mentioned several times in many LDS publications and he has always been referred to as Moroni.

Significant details & problems that most LDS are not aware of.

This angel is the one who told Joseph Smith where the gold plates were buried and can be seen on top of most LDS temples.  However, a close examination of early church history tells a different story.  Some early LDS sources which say that the angel’s name was actually Nephi are as follows:

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One thought on “Nephi or Moroni?

  1. What this proves is that the LDS was based on a lie to begin with, and when you have to lie it is difficult to keep your stories straight!

    Of course one of my main problems with the idea of either Moroni or Nephi being angels is that they were men. The LDS has men becoming angels, which is contrary to Scripture, since angels are a different sort of being.


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