Falling off yet another slippery slope.

Those who warn others about impending issues, problems, doom, or calamities are often chided and ridiculed for being alarmists, and are often told that mentioning the “slippery slope” is nothing more than a scare tactic. It seems that to some, mentioning the “slippery slope” is a debate-killer much like when someone uses “Hitler” or “Nazis” as a comparative in their argument.

But don’t be fooled. Current facts, observable trends in a particular direction, and historical precedent are all valid indicators and can be properly used as predictors of what is likely to come.

It’s for this same reason that people can conclude that there’s a fire based on the presence and smell of smoke, and others surmise that a storm is coming based on dark clouds and the smell of rain in the air. But for some reason when the warnings are of a concern like the advent of socialism in a currently capitalistic nation or the falling away from truth in once well-grounded preachers (Ravi Zacharias and John Piper come to mind), then all of a sudden the facts, observable trends, and historical precedent are ignored and the “slippery slope” is considered a knee-jerk rant of an overzealous alarmist.

Remember those “crazy” pro-lifers from years ago that warned if abortion is made legal it would result in the death of millions of children as the barbaric act would become a form of birth control? “Nah,” retorted the abortion proponents, “It will only be done in the rare case of rape or incest, or if the mother’s life is at risk.” And remember how the pro-lifers with foresight argued that it was a “slippery slope” but were subsequently ridiculed by pro-abortionists for being extremists?

Forty million dismembered corpses later, the truth is obvious: We fell long and hard from that “slippery slope.”

And remember how Christians argued that granting special rights to those who practice a homosexual lifestyle was wrong, were labeled crazy and close minded because homosexuals only wanted to be protected from persecution and discrimination? And remember when Christians who claimed that normalizing homosexuality was a “slippery slope” toward normalizing other deviant behaviors like incest and pedophilia, were called oppressive bigots by vitriolic pro-homosexual activists?

Behold the first steps of legitimizing pedophilia:

Academic Conference Seeks to Normalize Pedophilia

Do not be shocked. We will continue to witness the downward spiral of the Evolution of Sin while we continue down the Roman Road to Wrath because we truly are in the Days of Noah. And don’t be discouraged because as the dark gets darker, the light of the Gospel shines brighter.

Look up, for our redemption draws near.

4 thoughts on “Falling off yet another slippery slope.

  1. Pedophilia normalized – it’s disgusting but not new, in this country. Look up the North American Man-Boy Love Association, see how they have been in league with NYC schools and public libraries for decades. Pilgrim is correct – Romans chapter 1 is being lived out in our country.


  2. Wow…God’s judgment is building up. A bit off topic, what was it about Ravi that is straying from the truth? There might be something I’m not aware of.


  3. Thank you for posting this Pilgrim; now, where are the Godly men to warn of forthcoming judgment and to call this, and all nations to repentance? Where is the bold cry to repent and believe in the Gospel?


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