Quotes (900)

You may speak of religion in a general way, of preachers, of churches, of missions, of societies, for doing good, and still be popular; but speak of the Lord Himself, of His precious blood, of the full assurance of salvation, of oneness with Him in heaven, of separation from the world, and you will greatly reduce the number of your friends.

– Andrew Miller

1810 – 1883

3 thoughts on “Quotes (900)

  1. Ain’t that the truth! Best man in my wedding – good friend of 35 years – will no longer converse with me because I tried to explain why women can’t be pastors and how TD Jakes disgusts me. His Christian view is wide – unless it conflicts with the Truth.


  2. A powerful and true word.

    To Manfred, I had to laugh when I read, ‘how TD Jakes disgusts me’.

    He does me too, along with a few others.

    God bless.


  3. Manfred I was just about to say: “ain’t that the truth…..” lol And I share your story concerning the lost of good friends because of a boldness for the truth and a disgust for TD Jakes. I lost a whole church family behind that one….

    Awesome Quote…


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