Evangelism, Facebook, and modesty.

What does evangelism, Facebook, and modesty have in common? More than you may think.

Thanks to Trish Ramos for daring to touch this taboo issue affecting the church. I wish more women like Trish would take a stand with the few men who have already dared to address this problem. Together we’d still comprise only a minuscule minority, but that should not discourage us from encouraging the church to let the gospel revolutionize this area of our lives. We’ve been quietly stumbling over this elephant in the room for far too long.

Source: Fish With Trish

No doubt our Facebook pages can be a witnessing tool for the Gospel and with the advancement of modern technology and all the various social media venues, we don’t even have to leave the house to be a witness for the Lord. In fact, why else have a Facebook, but to tell of the Lord’s wondrous deeds and call others to turn from their sins and trust in the Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m sure there are many other reasons why we have Facebook pages but in the midst of it all, proclaiming the gospel should be the chief aim for any follower of Christ.

To show this more clearly, when you accept a friend on Facebook, typically the very first thing they do is view your pictures. In fact, sometimes that’s all they may do. They quickly skim through them to see how you look and what you’ve been up to for the past decade or two and then off they go, onto the next person’s page. It reminds me of the ol’ adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying refers to the idea that a picture communicates something. Sometimes it communicates too much. So with that in mind, when was the last time you went through your Facebook pictures and asked yourself, “Is this modest?” or “What am I communicating to my ‘friends’?” and “Would I want my brothers and sisters in Christ looking at theses pictures?”

Ladies, this is especially for us. If you are a professing Christian and if you haven’t done this already, here’s something practical that you can do: Go through every picture on your Facebook (This may take time depending upon how many pictures you have, but it will be worth it since on Judgment Day you will give an account to the Lord for all of these things) and if you are dressed in an immodest manner, hit ‘Delete!’

If you need help with deciphering what is modest and what is immodest, ask a modest sister in your local church for help, or a godly older women who can give you wise counsel, or ask your husband (assuming that he has biblical standards for modesty). And if all else fails and you have no one else to go to, well then, there’s always me and I’ll be quick to toot my modesty horn.

For starters, here’s a few specific areas that might help you out, let’s begin with cleavage. Ladies, if you are showing cleavage, hit ‘Delete’ as fast as you can! I don’t care how “cute” you look or if someone else posts to pic of you or if it was way back in your BC (before Christ) days. This is not acceptable in any circumstances for a woman who professes to follow Christ. Simply delete the picture or ‘Un-tag’ yourself.

If you have photos of you or your friends in bikinis, hit ‘Delete’ as quickly as you can and don’t look back. Or if your mid (midriff) section is showing hit ‘Delete’ please. And short shorts are a no no, so you know what to do with that, ‘Delete, delete, delete’. And then check your heart and ask yourself, “What is it within me that desires to present myself in this manner?” and “What does this speak of the condition of my heart?”

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel…” 1 Timothy 2.9a

For more great resources on this subject, please go to these past two posts to download the following  sermons:

Validating the Gospel in Modesty by Albert N. Martin

The Soul of Modesty by C. J. Mahaney

I also recommend the following reads:

The Disrobing of Society and the Church by DefCon contributor Brother Michael

Modesty, Morality, and Miss America by DefCon contributor Coram Deo

9 thoughts on “Evangelism, Facebook, and modesty.

  1. Thank you for posting. The vehemence (and Biblical ignorance) of some of her repliers was astonishing. But I loved this one: “Any moral choice that takes God into consideration before self has the potential to be considered repressive to those who hate God.” Amen.


  2. Women who dress immodestly do so because they do not fully understand biblical truth and the great and loving mercies that come from God alone. The women of the world are still like Eve taking the apple, believing that all of their seductive clothing, hair, makeup, and tattoos even, will make them desirable to men. Their truly deepest desire is to have a “man” in their life. They crave security in all of the wrong places. Look back at the history of women since the “liberating” 60’s and 70’s and see all of the destruction of the family that has taken place since. Children without a father to protect and provide for them. (See the vicious circle here? She wants the very thing she did not have as a child)..


  3. This seems to be a particular problem for middle-aged women (I am 44) who are seeing their youth slip away and who want to feel validated with photos that flaunt flesh. The world’s value system says that we are what we look like. Jesus Christ living within us should reflect God’s value system, not the world’s. Young girls are watching us. I have several teens and young women who comment on and watch my FB page. I am acutely aware of them and try to be careful in this area.


  4. Amen trish, awesome post! This really was a blessing to me because I’ve been really grieved over this issue as of late. As a single man, it really bugs me to see Christian women with cleavage, short shorts, etc. It’s almost as if these ladies are my “opponents” in the pursuit of holiness instead of my “sisters”…*sigh*

    Well, on the bright side, at least there are some sisters out there (like trish!) in the world who love the men of God and strive to protect our eyes with their modesty!


  5. Great post Trish – thanks SO much. Likewise, well said Jay. I wish it were only Facebook but it goes way beyond FB as it is day-to-day dress as cleavage, short shorts, tight tops and bottoms are de jour fashion for so many of our sisters. And modern swimwear, if we are honest, is so provocative and revealing that harlots not long ago would have blushed at such attire.

    I heard a very good message by C. J. Mahaney about this subject a while ago at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U9WJbzAg04.

    Be blessed brethren and thanks ladies for considering your brothers, young and old, married and single, for we ALL struggle with this issue to one degree or another.

    Please also see: http://www.chapellibrary.org/files/archive/pdf-english/mappfg.pdf


  6. Amen! It’s frustrating as a young man trying to fight temptation, then to turn around and see provocative dress like this all over the place. It’s hard to keep a pure mind. It’s encouraging to see a sister in Christ still advocating modesty.


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