Nope. Never.

You hear Mormons say it all the time whenever you challenge any of their doctrines: “We never attack other faiths.” Or, “We never disparage other religions.” Or, “We’re too busy sharing the gospel to be negative about other people’s beliefs.”

For those who know better, these words are usually uttered out of either a profound ignorance of their own religion or a desperate attempt to get you off topic and put you on the defensive.

It is a fact that Mormonism has attacked, disparaged, ridiculed, and spoken negatively about the Christian faith (anyone who knows Mormon history knows this; it’s not even debatable).

The very Mormon organization is founded on a preemptive attack of Christianity. Mormonism’s founder, Joseph Smith, claimed that all of Christianity was apostate. Without his assault on the Christian faith, the impetus for Joseph Smith’s religion is removed and there would be no need for Mormonism.

Simply put, Mormonism’s very existence is predicated on the lie that Christianity is apostate, the Bible is mistranslated, Christ’s sacrifice was insufficient, and “The Christian God is the Mormon’s Devil.”

And other early Mormon leaders were not shy with divulging their disdain for our faith. See this article to read some of the mean, nasty and downright hateful things uttered about Christians by Mormon prophets, leaders, and apologists.

And inevitably there will be Mormons who claim, “We don’t teach that anymore” as if truth one day is a non-truth the next (and notice that they rarely ever say, “We don’t BELIEVE that anymore“). If they were honest they’d say, “We’re just more subtle about it now.”

The below video from the June 2011 Manti Pageant reveals that the well-hidden derogatory sentiment against Christians by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (and some not so hidden) is still alive and well. 

Thanks to  Mormon Coffee for posting the video and astutely observing:

In this short clip, the Mormon Church pageant makes fun of the Christian doctrines pertaining to the nature of God and eternal punishment, portrays Christian pastors as being unwilling or unable to answer the most basic of life’s questions, and misrepresents the “fervor of religious revival” with “the exhortations of contending preachers, each proclaiming his own church the only avenue of escape from the horrors of a burning hell.” The narrator jeers, “Amen, Hallelujah”; one of three pontificating preachers drones, “It is only here that you will find salvation. Only here,” while churchgoers dismiss the play’s sincere truth-seekers, Mary and Robert, with an annoyed sweep of their arms.

7 thoughts on “Nope. Never.

  1. Don’t forget that in the story of the First Vision, which the Mormons still hold to be true, Joseph claimed that when he asked God what church he should join, God told him “that I must join none of them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; that those professors were all corrupt…. I then said to my mother, ‘I have learned that Presbyterianism is not true.’…”

    Since these are the same creeds followed by true Christians today, and the same denominations from 1830 are still here, then the LDS cannot deny that the rest of Christendom is an abomination to God if they accept what Smith said as being true.


  2. If I hear another person argue against the fact that Mormons are Christians, I will surely punch said dimwit in the face*…* I understand the irony in that statement, yes.

    Oh, you’re just so clever, aren’t you!!

    Your post shows that you know even less about Evangelical beliefs than you claim we evangelicals understand about Mormonism. You understand nothing of the doctrine of the Trinity (Suffice it to say we do not believe Jesus was praying to Himself, etc). But there is not sufficient space in this combox to clear up your many misunderstandings.


  3. Yes, there are some who openly mock Mormons, and the author of this site has said specifically that he does not condone and even deletes their comments.

    That said, everytime two guys show up on my doorstep claiming the LDS church has the real Jesus, they are attacking my faith. The same way a Christian would claim that Islam has the inaccurate Jesus. If Mormons don’t claim to have the truth, then they believe in universalism, which I don’t think they do.


  4. I should note I am a Christian, so when a Mormon claims they are being attacked(which to be fair has never happened in my xp with them, limited as it is even tho I did put some tough questions to them), they MAY just be having an emotional response to someone QUESTIONING their beliefs.

    Of note, I have had my faith attacked but also had it questioned, and the two had very different tones. Without specific details of a specific Mormon “attacking”, both possibilities are valid.


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