Happy birthday DefCon.

Defending Contending turns four years old today.

This blog began on August 10, 2007 as Reformation Nation. It then had a name change a year later on August 15, 2008 and officially became Defending Contenting. It was at this time that DefCon also welcomed contributing writers.

In honor of the event I’ve changed the current banner to one of the original DefCon banners (long time readers will remember it). I also wanted to say thank you to our contributors for all their sacrifices and hard work over the years, as well as a big thank you to our faithful readers.

Here are some stats that you may be interested in.

As of today we have . . .

3,620 Posts


1,723,000 Views (hits)

Again, thank you to all of you for your contributions to the discussions and your faithful readership over the past four years.

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday DefCon.

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I’m thankful for the impact of DefCon in my own life, and for the fellowship I’ve enjoyed with the growing team over the years, but the really encouraging part is someday the saints will enjoy one another’s company in the presence of the Lord forever! How I look forward to that day!

    Praise Him!


  2. 4 years ago I was struggling with the cancer of man-pleasing in the church to which I belonged – about a year from turning in my resignation. Sites such as DefCon have helped focus on important theological and doctrinal issues, identifying subtle error and highlighting Truth.

    Let all the saints of the living God praise His name! Thanks, Pilgrim and all the others who make DefCon worth a visit.


  3. Really like the banner…I have to say that I didn’t notice the ‘wolf’ till the second time I looked at it…It just popped out at me and I said, “Whoa!!! didn’t even see it at first!” just goes to show how well the ‘wolves’ can blend in…

    Thanks to all of you here at DefCon for being a safe, sound place for teaching, encouraging and correcting!


  4. Happy Birthday Def-Con Team your writing have been a tremendous blessing to not only me but countless others as well! Continue to stand for the truth! Sola Scriptura!


  5. Ok, I know I used to comment loads more than I do now but preparing for Liberia and so many other things that I rarely make the time to comment. Happy Birthday, DefCon! You have done a great job over the years and I have learned a lot through posts as well as comments by readers. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much!
    By the way, I do like the picture! I remember it being there when it first started and was sad when it disappeared! It represents DefCon very well!


  6. Happy Birthday, Def-Con! Yep, I was here back when it was Reformation Nation. Got hooked and been stopping by every day since. Great site. Thank you to all who contribute.


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