Usual Perry.

If only he stopped talking at the 40 second mark . . . if only.

6 thoughts on “Usual Perry.

  1. Be careful about the use of the term “adolescent.” “Adolescence” is based on a “false evolutionary model.” May I suggest calling Perry a “perpetually foolish child” or a “boy.”


  2. Wait. Is this the same church that played AC/DC for their Easter services? If his point is that you shouldn’t complain about the music because the music isn’t about you, it’s about God… is he saying that the AC/DC music was for God? Or, put it another way. If he’s saying you stink as a human being because you don’t like the “style” of the music, then wouldn’t the person who chooses the music based on “style” want to hear that from the people he’s trying to attract or please?

    Pragmatism: such a fickle and tricky little devil.


  3. Manfred:

    I’ve been noticing the OMG, or just plain “god” blasphemy, freely sprinkled throughout regular conversation, coming more and more from the mouths of professing “christians”. What it says is they’ve been blaspheming so much, it’s now part of their vocabulary, and it no longer occurs to them that it’s sin. But then, if their pastors are doing it, then “it certainly can’t be sinful”.


  4. DavidW,

    Yes, too many professing Christians fail to examine themselves and give no thought to the euphemistic blasphemy that passes their lips. That it is encouraged by the goat herders they follow puts them – the leaders and the followers – in even worse shape.


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