A letter to the Apostle Paul.


“A Letter to Paul the Apostle”
The Trinity Review, July, August 1988
Copyright (C) 2003

A Letter to Paul the Apostle

Charles Phinney

Presbyterian Church in Asia Minor

Committee on Missions

Paul the Apostle

c\o Aquila the Tentmaker

Corinth, Greece

Dear Paul:

We recently received a copy of your letter to the Galatians. The committee has directed me to inform you of a number of things, which deeply concern us.

First, we find your language to be somewhat intemperate. In your letter, after a brief greeting to the Galatians, you immediately attack your opponents by claiming they “want to pervert the gospel of Christ.”

You then say that such men should be regarded as “accursed”; and, in another place, you make reference to “false brethren.” Wouldn’t it be more charitable to give them the benefit of the doubt—at least until the General Assembly has investigated and adjudicated the matter?

To make the situation worse, you later say, “I could wish those who trouble you would even cut them selves off!” Is such a statement really fitting for a Christian minister? The remark seems quite harsh and unloving.

Read the entire letter here.

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4 thoughts on “A letter to the Apostle Paul.

  1. Funny, but sad.

    Funny because I can easily imagine a rejoinder like this being crafted in response to an epistle by an inspired Apostle (and in fact one doesn’t need much imagination since virtually every attack on Scripture is in this same vein, proceeding from the spirit of the age), but sad because oftentimes I would like to think that I’m like Paul, or Peter, or Jude; earnestly contending for the faith with a desire to honor the Triune One true and living God, when in reality I’m arguing from a posture of puffed up sinful pride.

    Oh wretched man that I am! BUT God!

    In Him,

    P.S. – I highly recommend the following series on Galatians by Phil Johnson. Listen to it, then listen to it again, and again…I guarantee that you won’t regret the time invested.

    Galatians 1-3 Free From the Law
    Galatians 4-6 Free From Sin


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