Youth ministry annoyances.

Pastor Brian Borgman reveals three of his pet-peeves when it comes to youth ministry:

Sunday School and VBS curriculum which trivializes and moralizes the Bible.

Children’s Church which substitutes for Church.

Sending the kids out right before the sermon.

Read the entire post here.

Also be sure to listen to Borgman’s fantastic sermon Children in Worship found here.

2 thoughts on “Youth ministry annoyances.

  1. I agree with his three gripes (they gripe me too), but how long ago was it when Borgman sent the kids out before the sermon in his church? OK, so the link to the sermon shows it was 1996 – not recent. I think it would have good and proper for Borgman to reveal his own learning experience while pastoring – this would be much encouraging than the flat out explanation of why he thinks those things are wrong.


  2. I can tell you how things are now. I go to Grace Community Church and Brian is my pastor. We have gone there for about 7 years. I can tell you that most of the kids who have grown up in Grace are walking with the Lord. I can tell you that during the service it is very quiet with no fidgiting. Many of the kids are very young. I have heard very young children singing hymns with gusto. I see kids taking notes. Hardly anyone gets up during the service. It is not an oppressive atmosphere either. I continue to be amazed because I have not seen that in other churches to be honest.


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