Watch “Divided” for free.

For those who read my recommendation of the documentary Divided but have not purchased the DVD yet, you can now watch it online for free. But hurry, it is only available for free till September.

8 thoughts on “Watch “Divided” for free.

  1. Watched it and it is well worth watching. Just makes you wonder if Christians really fear God. What I mean is, even if they know, that a good percentage of what goes on in the churches today is unscriptural, will they still continue to do it because…


  2. Thank you, for highlighting this essential video. All ought to hear this. Sadly, what is very much lacking today is Reverence ….. Fear of God.

    “…work out your salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure” …Phil 2:12

    What is at work today, surely, is not for His good pleasure.


  3. Boy. The presupposition is wrong – kids leaving the church is to worry about. The real issue is that most kids in churches are not regenerate. Most that leave are not saved – many not elect (Lord alone knows). The “pastor” from the Transformation Church is wrong in claiming 50% of marriages end in divorce – that is a bogus number based on the number of divorces compared to the number of weddings that take place in a given year. He then leaps from a lie into a false solution that the church becomes the family!

    Then the next guy, Bomar, reveals that the Bible holds parents responsible for training their children and churches ought to support and help the parents – not displace them. Then he says that not all churches “need to be that way” – which is biblical! He believes that some churches ought to continue on in the method he acknowledges is not biblical. Amazing!

    The old guy quoted from a book who objected to Sunday School early on had his head on right – it will work against the family – giving parents an excuse to NOT train their children. In fact, family worship ground to a halt not long after Sunday School blossomed.

    Doug Phillips’ comments about evolution as the foundation of age segregation has merit – I read a different account of this as relates to secular education earlier this week. It’s product of the Freud school of psychology.

    The basic point from the film with which I agree is that of allowing man’s imagination to determine who to serve and worship God rather than rely on His special revelation. Age segregation is not found in the Bible – why do we think it is necessary now? It is, as Paul Washer calls it, “Plan B” – of which God has none.

    The identity protected youth minister reveals – again – the false belief that the right program would have saved those 80% of the children who “walked away”. This is built on the easy membership approach that allows goats to join the church without testing.

    The next guy, who realized he was putting himself between the children and their fathers, understands one of the major problems with such programs. This was an issue with our son when he was in a youth ministry and I was distracted by other church programs and did not take my responsibility as I should have.

    Voddie’s comment about trusting God and His Word, rather than what sinful man comes up – on Judgment Day we will see clearly the wisdom of our Lord and all this will be much more clear. Yet we must not trust the program of family ministry within the church – we must trust God.


  4. Here is my one question…
    I believe that the family unit should be raising their children in the fear of God…I am firm in my beliefs and am not about the church doing it…however, what do we do about the children who have parents that arent saved….but the parents will take them to VBS or let them go to church with a friend or family member…? Do we just forget them or what is the right thing? I would love input because this is a question that has bothered me….when I am against Sunday School and *do* keep my children with me in church, I feel like I am looked like I am uppity…or that I don’t care about children whose parents aren’t saved.


  5. Dear Katy,

    Thanks for your question, and sorry for a delayed response (been exceptionally busy lately).

    What did the church for almost 2,000 years do in these situations? How did the church survive as long as it did without youth ministry?

    We should never forget anyone (no matter how old or how young) for James makes it clear that true religion is one that cares for the widows and orphans (James 1:27).

    The question that comes to my mind is why do we keep looking at those under 17 as a special class of people different from those 18 and over?

    My suggestion (in response to your query) is to welcome everyone and preach to them the unadulterated pure Word of God, whether they be 7 or 107, for the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all those who believe!

    And that, my dear Katy, takes a load off our shoulders in relation to devising the perfect program or plan to save the lost of all ages.


  6. Katy, I would add to what Pilgrim is saying by suggesting that we need brave parents in the church to train their kids to sit in the church service and to demonstrate how its done and others will follow suit. It becomes an easier thing to do when several families are keeping their kids with them for worship and can use each other as a support group.


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