Boyd Dellinger on Youth Ministry.

3 thoughts on “Boyd Dellinger on Youth Ministry.

  1. Most excellent! “God can save someone out of a whale – but we don’t’ need to start a whale ministry.” That’s the money line!

    We had our small children with us in “big church” (because the Bible tells me so) and my wife and I were amazed at how much our 3 year old daughter took in.

    Grouping kids together by age pressures kids to conform to the world (for children are of the world) and keeps them from growing up on time. This is part of the reason we have 35 year-old adolescent men everywhere.


  2. “Boyd Dellinger addressed six dangers within family-integrated churches. Like cancer, these can exist without us even realizing it. Satan wants us to think we are not on his radar, but we must be aware of these dangers:”

    •Danger 1: Idolatry of family. The church is not about our families; we do not focus on them in church or in Christianity, but on Christ.
    •Danger 2: Blindly following leaders who are like-minded. Don’t fully embrace everything someone says just because they said it; use discernment, and search the Scriptures for yourself.
    •Danger 3: A very low commitment to the local church. This can stem from the idolatry of family, as well as lack of understanding of what the church is.
    •Danger 4: Not having a heart-relationship with children. Some of the most performance-based, outward-oriented families are in family-integrated circles.
    •Danger 5: An imbalanced approach to living. Many of us have a central theme, emphasize one aspect of Christian living, or adhere to a particular program at the expense of the bigger picture.
    •Danger 6: There is no local outreach to the poor. We prioritize so many things that God has not commanded, and we neglect this important thing that God has commanded.

    HT: Providence Report

    I think Mr. Dellinger is exactly right. Sadly all too often well-meaning believers tend to elevate their personal hobby horses to a level on par with Scripture which inevitably leads to a form of self-righteousness and legalism.

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  3. CD,

    It would be nice to read or hear the complete message from which these 6 points were derived. It is true that no church is free from error and that no model can guarantee biblical success.

    All but the first danger is common to any western church, if we provide slightly different commentary for #3 & #4.

    As our elders have been discovering, FIC can become the focus – for elders, members, and interested people. That is the wrong focus. FIC is merely a tool – one that lines up with the Bible – as long as the focus of the church is Christ. FIC can teach parents how to train up their children, but must keep the focus on the great gospel of our great Lord.


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