Quotes (872)

The Anthropomorphites, who dreamed of a corporeal God, because mouth, ears, eyes, hands, and feet, are often ascribed to him in Scripture, are easily refuted. For who is so devoid of intellect as not to understand that God, in so speaking, lisps with us as nurses do with little children? Such modes of expression, therefore, do not so much express what kind of a being God is, as accommodate the knowledge of him to our feebleness. In doing so, he must, of course, stoop far below his proper height.

John Calvin

2 thoughts on “Quotes (872)

  1. This concept is difficult for many to accept – hence they oft end up “interpreting” the Bible by what they see and hear in the culture (such as imposing current middle east issues upon prophecies in Joel). And this leads them to believe many things that are not true.

    We must keep in mind that God is condescending to communicate with us and we cannot comprehend His ways or His thoughts, beyond what He has revealed to us.


  2. Continuing on with your last thought Manfred might I add:

    Yet what He has revealed to us is only rightly interpreted by Himself (the Holy Spirit) Who speaks the interpretation to the regenerate spirit of the saved (Jn.14:17). And thus unbelievers, or unregenerate, who do not have the Holy Spirit indwelling cannot therefore understand His written communication to man. Thus, in their desire to understand or have union with God, yet unwilling to submit to Him in repentance, the Scriptural “interpretations” from unsaved pastors, authors and “theologians”, which can only be according to the futility of their degenerate minds, are but a dead orthodoxy at best, utterly erroneous at worst. And though they may be eagerly received by those who have itching ears, they are incapable of producing good fruit in those who receive them, because their words have no life.


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