I wasn’t going to post another Rob Bell article, but this one is exceptional. Short and to the point – give it a watch and  listen closely. No endorsement of the group that made the video or their associations. 

I found it here:

6 thoughts on “ROB BELL ROBBED HELL

  1. Hey Manfred, is this guy serious? And is this guy in fact Rob Bell? Kinda looks like him and sounds like him but I have gotten used to so much satire lately with stuff on other blogs, that I need to be sure before I allow myself to wrap my weary head around what this guy was trying to say… 😉


  2. R&R – the guy in the video is NOT Rob Bell 🙂 He is trying to be an impressionist to show how ridiculous Rob Bell is – inane questions rather than biblical Truth. It’s a little satire – which I think is the right way to handle Bell.


  3. Okay, I was wondering. I thought, man, has he changed. I wasn’t sure because Rob Bell is ridiculous and would be very capable of posting a video like this in his “early years”.



  4. Ha! True my friend, very true…all he needs is long hair and then people will take him seriously.


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