Video claims Islam’s Mahdi is “Near.”

7 thoughts on “Video claims Islam’s Mahdi is “Near.”

  1. A.) CBN has a long record of yellow journalism in support of their dispensational perspective. Joel Rosenberg – exhibit 1.

    B.) Islam nutcases have been promoting this 12th Imam for years. Islam is evil, it’s a political philosophy wrapped in religious language.

    C.) God is in His Heavens and laughs.

    D.) Keep you lamps filled and trimmed, for we know not when the Bridegroom will come – but He will come, in triumph!


  2. E) These are the Sunni Muslims proclaiming this. The Shi’ites, which are the majority, are not promoting this, nor do they believe the Iranian president AbdinedalongnameIdon’tknowhowtospell.


  3. John macArthur has a sermon that explains this appearance and how it all ties in with end time prophecy. Here is another video concerning this issue
    As for MacArthur’s sermon, here is that link
    This all may tie in with this discovery, which makes sense if you listen to,MacArthur’s sermon;


  4. Manfred and 072591:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this as just some minority of “nutcases.” In light of world events (and Islamic history), this is alarming. Especially when you consider what MacArthur was saying in the sermon unworthy1 linked to in her comment. If what MacArthur was saying is accurate, it’s astonishing the similarities between Islamic eschatology and Christian eschatology. The only difference is who’s who as it all plays out! What a huge Satanic counterfeit.

    Even though this coming Mahdi is worth being aware of (otherwise God would have never bothered telling us of the coming anti-christ and false religious prophet), I agree, Manfred, “God is in His Heavens and laughs.”


  5. And what if God, in his wisdom, has sent the Mahdi to us in the form of a man who is also Jesus Christ, who is also the Jewish Messiah, thus simultaneously fulfilling the prophecies of these three great Abrahamic religions? Instead of demonizing this message from Iran and pretending it foretells a war against the United States and Israel (it does NOT do so, it is a call for freedom for oppressed peoples across the region, not a call to ‘war’ or ‘conquering’, and indeed can be read as consonant with the Obama administration’s policies to date in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, etc), we might view this video in keeping with prophecies shared by many Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as well as by many people of other faiths around the world. We are all children of God, children of Love, limited only by our fears and apprehensions; unless the Messiah or the return of the Prince of Peace is a thing in itself we dread, there is nothing to fear in the coming of the Mahdi.


  6. Anyone who thinks there can be any unity between Christianity and Islam or Judaism is not a child of God. Anyone who does not confess repentance and faith in the biblical Jesus – Who is the Christ and the Messiah as promised – is dead in sin and no brother of mine or of any other Christian.

    The wrath of God is being stored up for judgment day, to be poured out everyone who’s name is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Mohamed, Buddha, Mahdi, Joseph Smith, and countless other dead men cannot save. Christ alone saves men from their sin and from the wrath of almighty God.


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