The Painful Truth

NEW YORK — An outdoor advertising company has taken down an anti-abortion billboard that pictured a black girl along with the tagline, “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

Some residents had said they found the billboard offensive, and members of the black community were especially outraged by it.

Taken from this article

Members of the black community are outraged by the billboard. They should be outraged. Not because they take offense at the billboard’s message, but because its message is true.

3 thoughts on “The Painful Truth

  1. Wonderful post!

    This reminds me of the incident that took place a couple of years ago. An MIT student (I believe) called into Planned Parenthood & wanted to donate money. The call agent was all too happy to accept it, even after she found out that the caller wanted to ear mark it specifically for black abortions. The caller even goes as far as to make comments about how tough the job market is and that he wants his children to have all of the advantages that they can get. The agent responds with something like, “I understand”.

    It’s amazing at how a nation of tolerance engages in the hypocrisy of supporting Planned Parenthood.

    May it all be for His glory,


  2. This is kind of unsettling, It seems right now the new talking point among certain christians is abortions in the black community. As if its not happening among the masses despite race. Yet for some reason(maybe because the history of this country) we have to segregate the issue. which in a sense has the potential segregate the church. No one is denying the stats but if the same thing was done in majority white communities there would be an uproar. like hanging a huge billboards stating the amount of christian white women who practice tons of sexual acts because they believe only intercourse falls under sexual immorality etc. I’m sure the stats of poverty have and influence on the abortion stats and since up until 1970ish our government suppress the right of black people socially, economically, etc. high percentage of black people are in poverty. Once again DefCon your politicization of the issue has clouded any type of empathy. Abortion is Bad but the people are in an uproar because, instead addressing the entire issue of abortion the company that put up the billboard singles out black people out as if its not happening among all races. That Billboards does nothing but incite in a divisive way, abortions in this country are know secret, every knows they happen. The real issues is sin and mans opposition to god and no billboard is going to remedy that only the GOSPEL(“im not yelling”).


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