Is Your Pastor Wimpy?

The Bible tells pastors – those who are called to shepherd the souls within a local church – to preach the whole counsel of His Word. Those who fail to do so will answer to God. Those who fail to do so because they value the opinion of man over the approval of God will be put to shame on Judgment Day.

What follows is good counsel for pastor and flock.


Pastors, is Your Preaching Wimpy?

Quoting James White . . .

When Paul spoke to the Ephesian elders in his final meeting with them, he said these words: “Therefore, I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men. For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God.” (Acts 20:26-27) The true preacher of the Word seeks to have this as his ambition as well. God is not honored when men think so little of Him and so highly of themselves that they edit the content of the proclamation for the fear of the face of men and so that they may be considered “successful” in some worldly sense. It is a fearful thing to be unfaithful to the task of preaching “the whole counsel of God.” Keeping this in mind, I would like to point out the fact that there are religious hypocrites in the church. There were even in the days of Paul, as he names some by name. But today one looks for the true believer as the oddity in evangelical churches filled with unregenerate men and women who have been fooled into thinking you can shake a man’s hand, say some magical words that are not joined with any kind of repentance or understanding of the gospel itself, and you have your “ticket punched” and you are on your way to heaven. The result is that any time you would dare to preach the soul-searching passages of Scripture that expose sin and hypocrisy and false faith you will hear the howl of the religious hypocrite from front row to back. Which is why you can observe major “ministries” today that are completely focused upon avoiding any form of offense of the natural man, just so long as they are there on Sunday morning and drop a little something in the plate to help you pay for your massive sports arena. But even the best church will have false professors in its midst, men and women who, for various reasons, may well play the religion game quite well for an amazingly long time. Some do it for family reasons, some just because they were raised that way, some for acceptance–but in any case, they attend services, may even be involved in ministry, but their hearts are unchanged, their faith in word only. …

So the question I have to ask of many who stand behind pulpits today is this: is your preaching so wimpy it would never trouble a religious hypocrite, and never result in such a person fleeing its proclamation so as to run to man’s religions for refuge?

Do you pull back on those elements of God’s truth that are the most offensive to the natural man because you do not wish to see that disdainful look, that annoyed shaking of the head? Do you really distrust the ministry of the Spirit to make the Word of Christ to come alive in the hearts and minds of Christ’s sheep, so that you do not need to worry about those who find offense at His truth? Or have you embraced the spirit of the age which places man’s fragile emotions upon the seat of prominence, and have bought into the idea that to be “loving” means to never give offense to anyone (well, except for God–it is fine to offend Him by thinking yourself so wise you can edit out what shouldn’t be in the gospel in our day)?

Would your teaching and proclamation allow a religious hypocrite to remain safely and comfortably ensconced in the congregation for years on end, never offended, never convicted? Finally, if such a hypocrite does leave and make a show of embracing heresy just to spite you, do you sting with embarrassment, or rejoice that God’s Word continues to work in the hearts of men and women, some to His glory in their salvation, and some to His glory in their damnation? Think about it.

From: Alpha and Omega Ministries Blog

11 thoughts on “Is Your Pastor Wimpy?

  1. Wow~once you have had a pastor who is NOT wimpy, it makes the
    wimp easier to recognize, hard to stomach and absolutely intolerable.


  2. Amen, Berean Gal. Since I fled my previous church, I’ve been amazed – and disgusted – at the stuff I used to accept in church. Blessed be our God and Savior for His mercy.


  3. Excellent! If there is no conviction in the sermon we can be certain the Holy Spirit wasn’t a part of it.

    Joh 16:7-8
    (7) Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.
    (8) And when he comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment:


  4. Correct me if I am wrong. But isn’t he a motivational speaker. You know, you can do it. If you ask me this is the whole problem with the modern Church. They have need of nothing. Not even Gods calling…They have worked out their own salvation and they are working on a personal relationship with God. Not one of repentance, submission to the all mighty God of the universe is able to save to the outer most of ungodly men who calls all men every where to repent and trust in the risen Christ. Not of our own works. They are not the Church. What are they? Look at their doctrine.


  5. This piece is very mis-leading, it does not point out that the picture is of the prosperity preacher Joel Olsteen and the writing is of the co-founder of Seventh-day Adventism James White (husband of Helen).
    Can someone tell me why this teaching is being posted? I thought the Seventh-day adventists were considered a cult?


  6. Liam,

    The picture is of Joel Osteen, but the writing is from James White who runs the Alpha & Omega Ministries in Arizona. It was actually Ellen White who founded the SDA religion and she died in 1915, which was way before the James White of A&O Ministries was even born. This James White would take a stand against the SDA church. Thanks for stopping by though.


  7. Jonathan- yes, Osteen is not a pastor, merely a motivational speaker. He is, IMO, a poster child of people posing as pastors who are not called by God, but merely want to be admired as pastors by men.

    Liam – James White of was not the co-founder of the SDA church. That would the now dead husband of the now dead Ellen G. White, not Helen White. And while the article does not point out the false “prosperity gospel” which Osteen preaches, it does, IMO, paint a picture of the wimp Osteen, who in his own words says this about his preaching: “I have a gift to talk to the everyday person who may not be a religious person. A lot of things I talk about are just life, and then I bring the Bible principles in at the end.”


  8. Nice work Manfred!
    I would also add that any preacher who depends upon the quotes of men dead 300 years, more then Holy Spirit lead bible teaching are no less wimps. First person revelation learned through the Holy Spirit leading with the Word in context is living power that can never be recreated by programs filled with echo’s of echo’s of echos. The very reason those old dead guys were able to preach with such power and conviction was BECAUSE they were lead by the Holy Spirit in the first person. Anything else was simply plagerism and IF the Holy Spirit moved through the preaching of echos, it was and is in spite of their dead works. Just google “sermons” for a quick, LONG list of sermon sites to “borrow” from. Perhaps you will find last Sunday’s sermon there as well…I always could, complete with the “add your own personal story here” prompts…


  9. I would greatly welcome a sermon full of quotes from old dead saints. They were much more sound than the the majority of the “new interpretation”, Scripture twisting sermons I have heard through most of my Christian life.


  10. Shane I fully understand your sentiment. That is why I too read their work. The point wasn’t that they were old and unwelcome, rather that the new school preachers have not the Spirit, and thus ARE the problem. Today they come out so polished and what with modern marketing, and mood enhancers through electronics, the Holy Spirit is neither desired nor welcome. Whether we are fundimental, southern or reformed, give me the man who is on his knees dealing with his own sins, and flesh so that he can then bring that fresh, and powerful sermon of today just as, say a Spurgeon in his day. We shouldn’t have to settle for the 300 year old dead man’s sermon as our revelation today!..or are we to believe that the Holy Spirit is lesser today, all biblical revelation is recorded, and that old school religion is all we have to look forward/back?? to! I think you and I both know better!


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