Quotes (854)

We must mourn more for the sin of a child than for the sickness of a child . . . more for fear they died in sin, than because they died.

– William Jenkyn

1613 – 1685

3 thoughts on “Quotes (854)

  1. Now this is a piercing, yet sound, observation by the dead white male. The culture cries out, “For the children!” to tug at the heart strings of everyone watching – so they can gain power. But such care not about the souls of the children – only the power that comes with “caring” about them. Saints of the living God must be focused on the eternal, heavenly things. All men die (even Mary) – that is not news. Most go to hell – that is eternal sorrow. While we can’t save anyone nor change who is elect, we must be concerned about the eternal destiny of people and proclaim Christ to them and pray for them.

    Thanks for this post. Spot on.


  2. Amen! We panic when anyone of any age is stricken with illness, job loss, or any calamity; BUT we have forgotten the greatest need of all mankind…salvation.



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