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Gary Gilley The primacy of the Word of God during [the early decades of the 1700s] was seen in the highly doctrinal sermons, which were addressed to both the heart and the mind. The plain-style worship services ensured that the focus was neither on the minister nor on the surroundings but on the God who addressed them in the Word.

– Gary Gilley

3 thoughts on “Quotes (852)

  1. At my church, we are currently reading Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns: http://shop.churchandfamilyreformation.org/Why-Johnny-Cant-Sing-Hymns-BKWJCSH.htm

    It makes a very concise case that aligns with Gilley’s observation – many churches have allowed the culture to co-opt the music we listen tom turning worship services into flesh pleasing experiences rather than encounters with Holy God.

    Simple isn’t THE answer, but deliberately thoughtful on how each element of the service can bring glory to God – without concern about how the flesh feels about it.


  2. Yup – that book is on my reading list for my elder training – a two year plan.

    Year one is split into two semesters: 6 months in Biblical Theology and OT Hermeneutics then 6 months in Systematic Theology and NT Homiletics.

    Year 2 is nine months of study of various elder duties:
    1 – Preaching
    2 – Ecclesiology
    3 – Pastoral Ministry
    4 – Evangelism and Missions
    5 – Leadership
    6 – Church Planting
    7 – Worship
    8 – Family Discipleship
    9 – Biblical Worldview

    the final three months are internship or special projects with the church.


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