Sermon of the week: “A Final Word” by Angelo Sanchez.

What message would you deliver to your congregation if it was your final sermon after twenty years as their pastor?

Find out what candid words of exhortation and warning Pastor Sanchez has for not only his congregation but also for the pastor taking his place in the message A Final Word.

This message delivered to his congregation after two decades of service is very revealing and should be heard by all pastors and their congregations, especially new pastors entering into ministry.

2 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “A Final Word” by Angelo Sanchez.

  1. Pilgrim,

    Thank you so much for sharing this message with us! I have been convicted and challenged anew in my own ministry and handling of the Word. You are right, this message needs to be heard by so many. In fact, I would give a recommendation that this kind of message needs to precede the ministry of any pastor before he assumes a new pastorate. Old pastors need to hear this and be reminded of the importance of preaching the Word in an expository fashion.

    Every blessing,


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