Converted by his own sermon!

If you have read any history of the church, you should be aware that the Church of England went through an extended period (after their separation from Rome) wherein they had difficulty finding regenerate pastors. Wesley and Whitefield and Spurgeon all rubbed up against this. One such pastor in the Church of England discovered this in a rather unique way. Read and enjoy this tale of our Sovereign Lord saving a man.


The Rev William Haslam was an English country parson whose story is told in two autobiographical volumes – ‘From Death into Life’ and ‘Yet not I’.

One Sunday in 1851 following a period of deep conviction of sin, Haslam ascended into the pulpit of Baldhu church near Truro with the intention of telling his congregation that he would not preach again to them until he was saved and to ask them to pray for his conversion.

However, when he began to preach on the text ‘What think ye of Christ’ he saw himself as a Pharisee who did not recognise that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God. At that moment, the Holy Spirit breathed new life into him and the effect was so obvious and marked that a local preacher who was present stood up and shouted ‘the Parson is converted’ and the people rejoiced ‘in Cornish style’.

Others were also converted on that day, including members of his own household, others fled from the church in fear. A revival followed that blessed Sunday that lasted for three years during which time souls were saved weekly, often daily.

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“More charming than any novel…..This is a narrative that must do great good. It is after our own heart in almost every respect, and we wish that thousands may read it”
Spurgeon, Sword and Trowel on ‘From Death into Life’.

“I felt sure, as I said, that if I had died last week I should have been lost for ever. This was a startling and an alarming word to many of my earnest people, who said, “What then will become of us?” I replied, “You will be lost for a certainty if you do not give your hearts to God.”
‘From Death into Life’, page 49

7 thoughts on “Converted by his own sermon!

  1. Say it ain’t so!!! You mean to tell me a man can get ordained in a Protestant denomination, and preach to hundreds, and see people come to the rail and accept a saviour, yet be but a hireling?
    My point EXACTLY!!!! Now, can that event happen again today with what is being preached from the pulpits in most denominations (daughters) today?!?! Not likely…


  2. Mickey,

    Yup – and with seminaries, rather than churches, training “pastors”, more hirelings than called men are standing behind pulpits – or on stage. Such men are preachers but not pastors and many are mere motivational speakers.

    I like how the fear of God fell on people as they saw their pastor converted. Some rejoiced, some fled in terror.


  3. Such a short account, yet so profound in testifying to the transforming power that only comes from the Almighty God and His life-giving word.

    BTW: Bravo Manfred! Good to see you as one of the contributors. I’ve been greatly benefited by your input, and look forward to many more of your posts.


  4. Yes, congratulations Manfred, and you have the best avator on the net too!
    I’m stuck with 3 eyes…hopefully the 3rd eye is from the Holy Spirit, and not the Illuminati…


  5. Mickey,

    Many thanks for your encouragement. I generated my Gravator from a picture I snatched from net – have loved Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog and Mighty Mouse since I was a wee nipper. If you want another, let me know.


  6. That is probably one of the most interesting salvation testimonies I have heard of, truly showing that the Lord works through all sorts of ways, from the mundane to the spectacular to … this.


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