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Gary Gilley The Bible is God-centered. Psychology is man-centered. The Bible teaches that our purpose in life is to glorify God. Therefore, everything else is subject to that purpose. Psychology, being man-centered, has as its highest goal the happiness of the individual. This is the foundation for the current emphasis on felt need. If mankind’s greatest goal is his own happiness, then all other things in life, including God, become means to secure that happiness. . . . This worldview is completely at odds with the biblical worldview. Since this is true, to offer God or salvation as the means whereby our felt needs are satisfied is a perversion of biblical teaching at best, and more likely a false gospel.

– Gary Gilley

3 thoughts on “Quotes (838)

  1. Gary is one of my favorite teachers. I met him in 2002 where he spoke at an apologetics conference, and a couple time since at conferences. I have all his outstanding books, and he has a free “Think on These Things” teaching letter available, which I highly recommend.


  2. This is an important point. The entire “Christian counseling” industry exists because someone decided that it’s fine to mix Freud with Christ. That it’s fine to bring worldly ideas into the churches, so long as they seem to bring us into line with current thinking. We are masters at combining the latest trends and Christian thinking into new hybrids.

    Like hybrid vehicles, we believe it’s acceptable to mix power sources. Some power from God, some power from our own brilliance. Some power from Christ, some power from the latest bestseller.

    The clear teaching of Scripture is the all-sufficiency of Christ to change men and women. And change them into His image, not the image of the world’s favorite new “best practice”. We are obligated, not to the flesh, but to Christ alone for our power.

    Does this mean we put aside our brains? I would hope none of us who know Christ would think of Him as stupid or slow. He in fact makes us like Himself–smart in God’s Way–which means with His wisdom, creativity, and insight.

    His wisdom is foolishness to the world, so when we use the world’s “wisdom” (which is foolishness to God) and mix it with God’s true wisdom, we get a hybrid that runs like an internal combustion engine that has been injected with equal parts gasoline and hot air. Bumpy ride ahead. That’s where Christian psychology is. Having gone through some experiences in our family with various Christians who practice “therapy”, I would say this is a true characterization.

    “Best practice” for those of us who want to follow Christ is to gaze at Him, to worship and think on Him, to know Him and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings and in His resurrection. He will reveal the sources of our problems, and give us His solutions, which generally involve dying to self, and rejecting the practice of even focusing on ourselves. We must decrease, He must increase. When we have Christ’s interests and other’s interests at heart instead of our own, it’s amazing how our own problems and issues fade!


  3. Amen and amen! One of the straws that broke the camel’s back and caused me to leave a church was the “senior pastor” stating that the church must be “people driven”. Program oriented towards man, rather than biblical messages exalting Christ were the norm.

    Let all who profess Christ insist that He be the all-in-all where we gather for worship.


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