Quotes (836)

We must make time for private meditation, and for being alone with God. It must not content us to pray daily and read the Scriptures, to hear the Gospel regularly and to receive the Lord’s Supper. All this is well. But something more is needed. We should set apart special seasons for solitary self-examination and meditation on the things of God. How often in a year this practice should be attempted each Christian must judge for himself. But that the practice is most desirable seems clear both from Scripture and experience.

– J. C. Ryle

1816 – 1900

One thought on “Quotes (836)

  1. I would go so far as to say DAILY we need to spend time alone with God. Not just to think of the things of God, but to commune with Him, to be His friend, love Him, thank Him, talk to Him, and listen to Him.


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