Sermon of the week: “The Sanctifying Shepherd” by John MacArthur.

John MacArthur Another great message for your sermon of the week, The Sanctifying Shepherd, was delivered at the 2009 Resolved Conference

John MacArthur has a bold proclamation for pastors: Quit trying to be funny and entertaining; be a sanctifying shepherd to your congregation. And if you’re not a pastor, MacArthur’s plea to you is: find a sanctifying shepherd to be your pastor.

A candid message that I wish most pastors I know would listen to.

4 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “The Sanctifying Shepherd” by John MacArthur.

  1. With preachers (not Pastors) operating in the entertainer/comedian mode, the message they deliver is based in their own needs for approval and popularity. Very little Gospel. Very little truth.


  2. As I told the self-labeled “Senior Pastor” (he was a preacher, not a pastor) of my last church, “As I tried to make clear nearly two years ago, solid preaching is essential and, while I disagree with some of your conclusions and theological views, I can support your preaching – though I encourage you to be less concerned with entertaining folks with cute stories and be more concerned with the proper exegesis of Scripture.”


  3. It’s to be noted that MacArthur said to not try to be funny or entertaining. Some people just naturally are, and their message still comes through just fine, because God is using their natural abilities; the problems seem to come when the “entertaining” part becomes the focus of the pastor or preacher – especially when they naturally aren’t. Paul used sarcasm in Galatians, Elijah was making fun of the followers of Baal, and Jesus Christ was outright insulting to His disciples. But in all of those times, their true messages were not lost.


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