“Salvation MUST Be Evidenced by Works”–Who Said That??

You will be shocked–SHOCKED!!–at who was one of the earliest promoters of “Lordship Salvation”. That is, the fact that if one is a Christian, they will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and their lives will be marked by repentance and good works. Not works leading to salvation, but rather works springing from salvation.

6 thoughts on ““Salvation MUST Be Evidenced by Works”–Who Said That??

  1. Yes! Yet some continue to misrepresent and confuse the Gospel and those who uphold it. To say LS is works-based is to place anathema on the greatest teachers of the centuries, and yes, Jesus Himself.


  2. I agree that any solid witness of Christ could have and should say those things presented as a quote. But I say it’s a false test to ask from whom this quote came from, when it’s a paraphrase rather than a quote. So while it’s an excellent post – fp loses on points for a false construct. Four points minus – how many – 3? leaves him at 1 point, or less 🙂


  3. I never understood the controversy of works springing from salvation, of evidence of repentance/salvation. Anything else just lets you off the hook and allows you to play the “I’m a Christian” card and get all the benefits but none of the responsibilities. Hey, I go to a nice church where they have a MULTI-MEDIA MINISTRY….OOH. I get free coffee and donuts there! My kids get free soda! They have a bookstore with a discount for members!! I get to leave my kids off in the new kids center so I can have a break, er, I mean, worship in peace! Riiiiiiiight….true salvation/repentance MUST be marked by total, utter transformation. Why would the Holy Spirit come in with a whimper and sort of lurk around? It wouldn’t.


  4. It is true that the EVIDENCE OF salvation is repentance and ‘fruit’. However, some, such as John MacArthur, state that repentance is REQUIRED FOR salvation, that faith and repentance are the obverse and reverse sides of the ‘coin’ of justification! This clearly is works-based salvation.


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