“Bible vs Joseph Smith” DVD outreach opportunity.

For those who are interested, here’s a great evangelistic opportunity from Tri-Grace Ministries:

Dear FPW’s (Faithful Prayer Warriors),

This will be very short. Several people have contacted us about the possibility of purchasing THE BIBLE vs JOSEPH SMITH DVD at the discounted price of $1.75 ea. If you are still thinking about ordering, the time to act is NOW because we are ready to place our order.So far 46 people from all over the country (plus one from Africa) have ordered the DVD and plan to distribute over 10,000 of these  DVD’s. This will surely create a ripple effect that will be felt world-wide by the LDS community. 

The LDS community is a tight knit, very well connected subculture. If only a few Mormons are saved as a result of this outreach, the impact will reach deep into the Mormon community. We are praying that outreach opportunities like this one will eventually become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Not by power, nor by might, but my His Spirit!!!

We do not care how many DVDs you order – we just want to touch Mormons all across the world. So if you know any Mormons… order the DVD and drop one on their doorstep. Then pray and see what God will do.

Contact T.G.M at trigrace@gmail.com for more information or to place your order, but hurry, they will be placing this one-time large order very soon.

8 thoughts on ““Bible vs Joseph Smith” DVD outreach opportunity.

  1. Glenn:

    Oh, I thought you’ve actually seen the video. It’s really good. You won’t be disappointed.

    If you have a few LDS addresses in your area that you want this DVD sent to, e-mail me. I bet your 20 will go fast. If I have any left over from my mass-mailing I’ll send DVDs to them as well.


  2. Hi Pilgrim,
    Well, my plans for viewing yesterday went out the window when I had to go out for a few hours. I will be watching it this afternoon for sure.

    I was impressed by what I read about it, and I have two previous excellent videos: “Jesus Christ – Joseph Smith” and “The Bible vs The Book of Mormon” These have been excellent tools.

    I don’t have any addresses. Most of my contacts have been on the street during our book-table ministry. Some I have been able to meet with a few times afterwards. It gets difficult getting them to accept the DVDs, even though I ask them to just review them and get back with me for their critiques. I’ve passed out numerous and yet no one comes back – I only pray that good seeds were planted!


  3. Is it too late to order these dvds? I was lent this dvd and watched it and loved it. I am a former member of the LDS chrch and have lots of people that would like to share this dvd with!! Thanks!!


  4. As this was originally posted a couple of years ago, it is unlikely this deal is currently available. However, check with the site the article links to to be sure. And let us know if they have a new deal going on please!


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