A fitting rebuke.

8 thoughts on “A fitting rebuke.

  1. It’s amazing that 35,000 people would flock after ‘your best life now’, however, not surprising. May the mercies of God bring sinners out from under deception that is everywhere, fueled by apostates like Osteen. His fake, phony smile should cause many to question his teachings!!


  2. And people pay to see this man…this was not a free gig…I have seen his website and he charges people to come here him “preach” at his speaking engagements…so @ 35,000 people lets say at $10 a ticket uhm that’s $350K that’s a pretty good speaking engagement fee wouldn’t you say?


  3. John MacArthur definitely gave a great rebuke about Joel Osteen on this issue.

    Has anyone come across anyone else saying that John MacArthur in this video is trying to say that the Bible is not the Word of God? I was conversing with someone yesterday on this video and they tried to say that John is clearly saying that the Bible is not the Word of God. They got angry when I proved to them that in the video that John was clearly saying that Joel Osteen does not view the Bible as the Word of God but as a mystical source for what he teaches. This person called John a blasphemer and all sorts of nasty names.


  4. Hi DavidT,

    You’re right in that JM is clearly calling ‘word-faith’ what it is: witchcraft… The person you were conversing with was likely already under conviction and JM was an easy target.

    JohnnyMac is spot-on as usual!


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