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[Christians] have unnecessarily (and unbiblically) drawn a line of distinction, assigning the obligations of Christianity to a few while keeping the privileges of Christianity for us all. In this way we choose to send off other people to carry out the global purpose of Christianity while the rest of us sit back because we’re ‘just not called to that.’

– David Platt

4 thoughts on “Quotes (822)

  1. Perhaps those described by Mr. Platt as drawing such a distinction are merely professing Christians, man-pleasers who’ve been told they are Christians by other man-pleasers. Just a passing thought.

    For if any one be a new creature in Christ ….


  2. So what’s his point?

    Not being snarky. I’m genuinely confused on what exactly his point is. Can some context be provided for what he was saying? Is he referring to something in particular?


  3. Methinks the point is that many church rulers want to rule and have people pay the way while the rulers perform “ministry”. They invite ALL to come and play a part – without regard to whether any are redeemed. This is a “protestant” version of Roman Catholicism.


  4. What we’re seeing more and more is a backlash against the abuses of Evangelifish “Christianity”. For too long, Evangelicals have focused on the benefits of Christianity (being saved, being a child of God, having access to God’s throne, etc.), while shirking their obligations as Christians (living repentantly and obediently to God’s word, preaching the Gospel, etc.). What we need to be very careful of, is that we do not get swept into the “missional” mindset, a bridge concept which drives the “deeds not creeds” mentality of Liberalism, rather than obedience to FOLLOW the God of the Bible, Who must go before us. Thus Liberalism is still shirking the responsibilities of true Christianity.


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