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Let us take care that we do not regard a magnificent funeral as an atonement for a life wasted in carelessness and sin. We may bury a man in the most expensive style, and spend thousands of dollars in mourning. We may place over his grave a costly marble stone, and inscribe on it a flattering epitaph. But all this will not save our souls or his. The turning point at the last day will not be how we are buried, but whether we were “buried with Christ,” and repented and believed. (Rom. 6:4.) Better a thousand times to die the death of the righteous, have a lowly grave and a pauper’s funeral, than to die graceless, and lie under a marble tomb!

1816 – 1900

– J. C. Ryle

8 thoughts on “Quotes (820)

  1. After Voddie Baucham buried his spiritually lost grandfather early this year, he told us how he was dismayed to hear professing Christians exalt the man, as if he were good and with God – never having been baptized by the Holy Spirit. It was a reminder that death is the wages of sin and we are all too often deceived about the natural state of our souls – and those of the ones we hold dear.


  2. Everyday, in every way we are throw ourselves back on the altar as living sacrifices and lay ourselves at God’s disposal. We were bought with a price, paid for in blood, we do not belong to ourselves any longer but belong lock, stock and barrel to Christ. He has total permission to do with us as He pleases and if He derives pleasure in striking us down, so be it…may He be glorified!


  3. People forget that funerals and memorial services are not for the dead, but for the living. I doubt Baucham would really have been happy to hear someone say, “Your grandfather’s dead and is being tormented in Hell right now.”


  4. 072591,

    Of course, Voddie Baucham is not happy his grandfather is dead in his sins, beyond the point of repentance and saving faith. It grieved his soul. Yet, no Christian should lie to the living to provide false comfort about the dead. Truth is the greatest testimony of biblical love.


  5. I realize I am a year and half late for this party, but I just spit my lunch out after reading the comments. So if we are at a funeral of a loved but spiritually lost person, we should be pointing this out?

    Why stop there? Were they fat? Wife dies of heart disease? Point out that now would be a great time to go back on a diet. Husband dies of lung cancer? Let’s talk about smoking. Grandchild dies of SIDS? Would you sit back and watch while someone tells your child (baby’s parent) that her baby would have lived had she put baby on his back? Maybe now would be a good time to have a discussion whether babies go to heaven or not. Or better yet, preach at a toddler’s funeral on how the parents should have kept a closer watch so toddler wouldn’t ingest poison. That ‘s comforting to grieving parents, to hear the truth preached at them.

    Why not? It’s the truth, isn’t it? You could even say its the loving thing to do, to point out these truths. After all, you are saving someone’s life. With your loving and kind words, so many people will find the truth so comforting at the time of the demise. Hopefully it’s a non elected teenager who died while speeding and drinking. Spiritually lost, breaking the law and a possible murder! Trifecta! And if it’s your child he killed, you could then say how you instantly forgave and everyone else should too! Let’s hear it for spiritual truth at funerals!

    Is it not appropriate to be kind anymore? Tactful? Maybe even silent on the subject? It’s not lying to say nothing when it would be cruel to say something. Talk about being a clanging symbol.

    And if Voddie was so concerned, maybe he should have said this man was spiritually lost and we should neither praise nor exalt him for being right with God. Maybe he did. Maybe his grandmother stood and applauded she was so proud of him.

    It’s the truth, after all.


  6. Why should we provide false comfort to anyone? You question about “pointing out they were fat” etc. is completely unrelated. One’s eternal soul is THE topic. Those who yet live may be reached with the gospel – not with a false tale of what a sweet person the dead man is.


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