The poorest man in the world.

The following sobering piece comes from the Fruin family currently serving as missionaries in Mexico:

The Meeting
It was dusk on Friday evening as we were driving up the dirt road that we call the short-cut to our home that sits in the middle of a ranch in northern Mexico. We were on an uphill, curving section that is very stony and rutted. The combination of road conditions and deep shadows required my undivided focus. “Watch out,” cried my wife, “I think that’s a man!” I had not seen anything but, directed by her gaze, I saw what did indeed appear to be a man just beside the right front corner of our full sized van. His dingy clothing served as camouflage on the unpaved road. I had just missed putting our wheel directly through his body lengthwise. He did not jump up. He did not dodge. “He must be passed out,” I thought to myself. He had moved ever so slightly assuring me he was not dead. The terror of nearly accidentally killing someone began to fade and, as will happen at times like these, was replaced by anger and indignation. “Some fool had become so inebriated that he passed out in the middle of the road,” I reasoned.
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6 thoughts on “The poorest man in the world.

  1. It is a sobering piece. Didn’t realise it was so hard to help someone in Mexico.

    How the world needs the Gospel.

    God bless.


  2. All the money going into megachurch palaces of entertainment could be going into care facilities for men such as Jose Luis, to not only meet his basic physical needs, but preach the Gospel to him. And I would venture to guess there are millions of men very much like Jose Luis all over the world who desperately need Christ and the compassion of a true Christian.


  3. During my last year of membership of my previous “church”, I quit giving any money to that 503(c) outfit and gave instead to the Bible League. Since moving to a biblical church that is worthy of support, and having our house paid off, we support both with joy and thanksgiving to God.


  4. The fact is, reflecting on this, I think I would have walked on by, or driven by if you prefer.

    Sometimes, you just don’t know. But, even if we don’t, like we read, we need to find out if someone is genuine or not.

    We do need to seek God for His wisdom and discernment.


  5. I was wondering if I can reprint that picture? It is an amazing picture and wanted to put it on a flyer for donations I am collecting for the homeless. Please let me know!


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