Quotes (811)

I know very many decent people who seem to have resolved never to come to Christ until they can understand how the doctrine of election is consistent with the free invitation of the Gospel. I might just as well determine never to eat a morsel of bread until it has been explained to me how it is that God keeps me alive, and yet I must eat to live.

– Charles Spurgeon

1834 – 1892

One thought on “Quotes (811)

  1. Great comment! It’s human nature to try to figure everything out. But we need to impress upon the unbeliever the fact that their brain will never be able to figure it all out, because it is beyond them (and us). You just have to understand what you can and have FAITH in God to take care of the rest. Salvation isn’t just some philosophical theory that needs to be analyzed, it is a decision that needs to be done, and quickly, so that an unbeliever can be rescued from the horrible influence of Satan.
    Personally, I accepted Christ at age 4. I didn’t find out about election until I was a teenager.


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