For your information.

Aside from our new look, here are three things I wanted to notify DefCon readers about:

1). We’ve updated our  Rules of Engagement page. The revisions were performed solely for the purpose of clarity.

2). For those who are new to DefCon you can also find us on FaceBook.

3). WordPress has recently provided a new feature on blogposts in which you can “Like” it. If you like a certain post, all you have to do is click on the comments link and between the post and the thread of comments you will see a button that says, “Like.” Just click on that button and it will register that you liked that particular post. However, you must be logged in to WordPress in order to use this feature. Creating a WordPress account only takes a moment of your time, is free, and does not require you to manage a blog of your own. Plus, once you have a WordPress account, you can upload a cool little avatar to appear alongside all your comments instead of the standard generic avatar automatically generated by WordPress.

2 thoughts on “For your information.

  1. Come on guys, I was just getting used to the last format after you changed it from the format before that. Now you are going to have me scrambling in trying to understand this format. LOL


  2. As a graphics guy, I always prefer clean & legible (the way I was taught) for easier reading. Looks good all & keep up the much needed discernment work.


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