At what point would you walk out of this church, or would you?

In this snippet, at what point would you walk out?

During the rock concert “worship,” the Christless, it’s–all-about-you pep talk, or the offering of a free week gym membership?

Or would you sit through it all believing that this is somehow the same Christianity that 2,000 years of martyrs have shed their blood for?

25 thoughts on “At what point would you walk out of this church, or would you?

  1. I’m not saying I agree with this speaker’s message, but I do believe taking care of our bodies is a problem many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, face. Gluttony is the main cause for obesity, and is a sin many of us like to overlook. It’s most definitely not a popular subject to discuss, but it should be. Proverbs has several verses on gluttony. When is the last time you heard a sermon on gluttony? Why do we ignore this death causing sin yet fight so vigilantly about others? Sin is sin.


  2. I walked out of mine in April of this year because of just such as this (the pastor rode a toddler’s bicycle around the sanctuary and onto the platform while doing his sermon dressed in cycling gear)…..It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done…..I live in an area with approximately 54 churches within a 10 min. drive and so far we’re finding they’re all like this on some level…..still looking.


  3. The pilgrim has posted “Christless” Exactly.
    Do you need a crucified and risen Christ to go to the Jim and work-out and Change what your bad habits? No! Sad.


  4. In “churches” that get to this point, there are always clues along the way that the focus on the creature rather than the Creator. Saints of the Living God need to test all things and contend for the Truth – and leave apostate social clubs masquerading as churches.


  5. I wouldn’t walk out until I picked up my kids way over in another part of the campus where they have “kids church,” safely away from their parents, and where they would no doubt be learning deep spiritual truths between mouthfuls of animal crackers and sips of juice, or dancing to Kids-bop Worship 7.


  6. It just dawned on me – I know that “pastor”. Bay Area Fellowship is a south Houston social club, spawned by my former church many years ago. Bil Cornelious, Jr. was the “youth pastor” before we moved here. Our former church brought him back to speak at a “Leaders’ Summit” and Bil stood up and said that discipleship was overrated and told us the reason the church wasn’t reaching more people was because the church did not look and act enough like the world. I see he has taken that advice and run with it even further than he had 5 or so years back.

    May God have mercy.


  7. At first, some of the singing sounded OK, I couldn’t see the lyrics to know if they were praising God or praising the fact that they were praising the fact that they were praising God. But at first I could see that even IF the lyrics were praising God, the stage set was nothing more than grand standing, and seeing one of the dancers slapping he thigh or backside to put it mildly… at that point I would have stayed.
    I would have stayed, NOT to listen and see just how far our of bounds they would go, but also to see so I could honestly testify just how corrupt, misleading, and man centered this “so-called” Church was.
    Not that I did not have enough proof of it at first, but I knew there would be more, and as Paul didn’t need to take all the time he did before he preached on Mars Hill, he did take in all that he could, and was able to gain some credibility that way.
    And also I only would have stayed because I would have wanted to engage some of the people there with the Real Gospel, because they obviously were NOT getting it from there.


  8. They have dancers? Well, if somehow I would have walked in, the dancers would surely have made me leave. If for some reason I missed them, I would have fled when I thought the building was on fire with all that smoke! But then again, I may have been too flabbergasted to leave and just sat in dazed amazement at how people are so utterly stupid. Just as I watched the video.


  9. I have “christian” acquaintances who would see absolutely no conflict at all with any part of this video. To them, the arousing sensory overload is but a more “engaging experience” to “worship” God! And they would agree wholeheartedly with “change” (that is, to clean up their act, be more productive with their time, better citizens, less judgmental and more accepting of everyone, go more “green”, cut down on fat, exercise more, etc.). And to stop feeling so guilty for enjoying their “freedom in Christ”. To them, that is “real Christianity”.

    But it’s nothing like what I read of the early church in Acts.


  10. Elaine,
    I was surprised that apparently all you took out of that video was that we need to talk about the sin of gluttony. I have heard sermons on this sin in plenty of churches, but I grant it isn’t a common topic, any more than a lot of worldview teachings are. However, I do have to disagree with your statement that “sin is sin.” As for any sin bringing the penalty of death, yes that is true. However, there are sins considered even by God to be more heinous and worthy of more severe temporal punishment. Murder, adultery, e.g., are given the penalty of death, while gluttony isn’t. Gossiping is certainly not on the same level as rape or robbery. While gluttony is indeed a worthy topic to discuss in the church, I’d much rather hear good exposition of Scripture and warnings against false teachings and false teachers such as represented by this church in the video.


  11. The music sounded secular, the stage show looked secular, the gimmick was lame, the message was anemic. Yep, that’s American Christianity all right!
    I bet the “church” handed out sporty water bottles to everyone on their way out too.


  12. Wow, what a show. First word that came to mind was ‘gimmicky’. This is the result of a me-centered culture underpinned everywhere by secular humanism. Evangelifishism at its worst.

    2-3 years ago, I was going to a mega church like this (not this far out of bounds, but getting there) and in my scriptural ignorance – I probably would have approved of this mess. This is not the Gospel. I work out 6 days a week, but the Sabbath is the Lords Day, not a time for promoting self-help philosophies or club memberships.

    Where is Christ and repentance being preached?! Where is discipleship?! Reformed by God’s Grace…


  13. @ UnprofitableServant:

    I have to disagree with both the question “Is the Church Causing Americas Fall? and the answer “Yes, it is..”.

    To say the “Church” or “Gods Elect” the “Bride of Christ” is causing America’s fall, is 180 degrees ,and diametrically opposite of what the Bible teaches.

    Ans the article states “Evil exists, and the only people who can overcome it are knowledgeable, spiritual Christians.”
    That also is false.
    We do not over come Evil, Christ HAS overcome evil for us.


  14. I’d definitely say that the church is NOT causing America’s fall, but the false church and the church (i.e. body of Christ) do indeed contribute by failing to be proper witnesses to the world, failing to practice a Christian worldview, and failing at evangelism.


  15. Michael Adams and Glenn E. Chatfield,

    I should have clarified where I was coming from.

    It’s not the Church that is causing America to fall, it is the “church” that is.

    Problem is, there are more false “churches” in America than true.


  16. Unprofitable Servant, I suspected as much, I was showing my wife as I was responding and told her that most likely you did not clarify enough.

    As to state, it is NOT the Church in America, but rather it is what most people call Church in America. 😉

    Thanks for clarifying Brother.


  17. I have attended this church for over a year (I had been attending another church for about 12+ years prior and recently have gone back to it) and will make this honest assessment. There are several messages throughout the year that are spot on and would be a great listen (meaning, salvation is involved, the heart for Christ and sinners, etc.). There, though, are messages scattered throughout the year that I felt “I got my dose for this week”. Finally, there have been messages I felt was a waste or something was said I was totally put off. I have a number of these direct comments at Just go to the Blog area and type BAF, Pastor, rudy, or Pastor Bil in the search box on the right to see these comments.


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