Quotes (801)

Gary Gilley We live in a society that increasingly drifts toward the form rather than the substance, which embraces the superficial, lives to play, will pay almost any amount of money to be amused, and prizes fun as the highest pursuit of life. Conviction has been replaced by thrill and few seem to notice. . . . One would hope that things would be different among Evangelical Christians, but such does not seem to be the case. It appears that the church is in lockstep with the world.

– Gary Gilley

2 thoughts on “Quotes (801)

  1. Indeed – this has has been true for centuries, all the more if one includes the cult of Rome. All people who want spiritual power over others will imitate the world in methods, even though the Lord said it was not to be that way with His people (Roman 12:1,2 & Matthew 20:25-28).


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