The heresy called “Make Jesus Lord Today”

Is it necessary, for a person who is saved, to confess Jesus Christ as Lord? Well, the answer to that question is, of course–YES!! I have put together a couple videos, based on Romans 10:9-10, to show that if one desires to be saved, then confessing Christ as Lord is a necessary requirement.

There is a movement that has been around for quite some time now. It is based on the absurd belief that a person can be saved, even if they do not confess Jesus Christ as Lord. It is not new by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, John MacArthur preached a message on this very subject back in 1988. Allow me to share a couple of quotes from that message:

This view is so popular that recently when I was doing a Bible conference at one of the major Christian institutions in America, a man spoke to the student body every day for the week, as I did as well, he said to them, “The point at which you really become a disciple, the point at which you really make Christ Lord of your life usually comes some time in your thirties.” And I was shocked, to put it mildly, that he had just basically told a group of young people to put their spiritual commitment on hold until they reached their thirties. He was holding to a view that it’s enough to accept Jesus as Savior, take your forgiveness, take your guarantee of heaven and then live any way you want until you come to some crisis point, hopefully sooner than later, when you make Christ Lord.

I’ve had parents say to me, “I know my…my son is a homosexual. He has chosen that life style. I know my daughter has absolutely no regard for the things of Christ. But I know they were saved. I remember the time they made their decision.” Parents cling to this. Spouses may cling to this for their partner. Friends may cling to this for someone they love deeply. It conveys the idea that salvation is some momentary transaction that secures forever but doesn’t necessarily transform your life and does not involve acknowledging Jesus as Lord of your life and submitting your life to Him. That kind of thing is behind most contemporary evangelism. You listen, when do you hear someone say, “Are you willing to commit your life to following Jesus?” When do you hear someone say, “Are you willing to repent of your sin and bow your knee in submission to the Lordship of Christ?” “Are you willing to allow Jesus Christ to take over as King and ruler of your life?” What you hear is, “Accept Christ…receive Christ…make a decision for Christ.”

I watched a film this afternoon for the second time, I watched it a day ago because the first time I watched it I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was sent out to our church. It was sent to me because it was to be distributed all across this entire country to every church that had an AWANA program. It was a film designed to instruct people how to lead someone to Christ. The film used some graphics, posed some questions and then asked if they were true or false. Let me tell you what some of the questions were and what the answer was.

In presenting the gospel, the narrator of the film said, should you ever ask these questions? Here are the questions.

* Question number one: Should you say to someone, will you give your heart to Christ? Answer: False, you never want to say that to anyone. You never want to ask anyone to give anything to Christ. You don’t want to ask them to give their life to Christ, you just ask them to believe.
* Second question: Will you surrender your life to Christ? Answer: False, don’t ever ask anyone to surrender anything.
* Question number three: will you commit your life to Christ? Answer: False, don’t ever ask anyone to do that.
* Question number four: will you make Christ Lord of your life? Answer: Don’t ever ask anyone to acknowledge that He has to be Lord of their life.
* Question number five: will you repent of your sins? Answer: False, don’t ever ask anyone to repent of their sins.
* Question number six: are you willing to forsake your sins? Answer: False, don’t ask anyone to do that.

It is enough then, said the narrator, to ask them: do you believe that Jesus died for your sins? That is enough. That is enough? The devils believe and…what?…and tremble.

Another writer says, and I’m quoting, “It is possible, even probable, that when a believer out of fellowship falls for certain types of philosophy, if he is a logical thinker he will become an unbelieving believer. Believers who are agnostics are still saved. They are still born again.” Listen to this one. “You can even become an atheist. But if you once accept Christ as Savior, you cannot lose your salvation even though you deny God,” end quote.

He finishes up the message thus:

Jesus wanted the two things to come clear to that young man [The rich young ruler in Mark chapter 8–4*P]. When you want into the Kingdom, when you want eternal life, it is not as simple as just a decision, believing some facts. There must be an acknowledgment and turning from sin and there must be a willingness to submit to My authority even if I ask you to do the most difficult thing in your life…to give up that which you love the most. Let’s establish, number one, the depth of your sinfulness and, number two, the height of My sovereignty, that’s the issue. The man left.

So today we are starting a new series showing that whether or not you say Jesus is Lord, He still is! It is not US who make Jesus Lord–God has already made Him both Lord and Christ.

Romans 10:8-10 (NASB)8 But what does it say? “THE WORD IS NEAR YOU, IN YOUR MOUTH AND IN YOUR HEART”–that is, the word of faith which we are preaching, 9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.

15 thoughts on “The heresy called “Make Jesus Lord Today”

  1. Well, not yet. But I’m sure that now that this post is up, they will.

    I posted this, basically, for those who are caught up in “easy-believism”. There’s a whole big hairy mess over at YouTube between the “Lordship” camp (believers are commanded to repent from sin and show good works) and the “easy-believism” camp (the “if you believe even for a split-second and then go back to your old, filthy ways, you’re still saved” group).


  2. The “free grace” doctrine of Charles Stanley and many others (often dispensationalists) is wretched and satanic.

    FYI – audio quality on the first video (haven’t listened to the second one yet) is a bit “breathy” and distorted.


  3. fourpointer:

    Both works religion and easy-belevism are heretical. So I eagerly look forward to this series. You would think the Lordship of Christ would be a given, as far as basic Christian doctrine, but too many seem to have a problem with the concept.

    Also, I think terminology is critical. It was once very common to say “make Jesus Lord of your life”. But what was often meant by those words, is not that Jesus isn’t already Lord (whether we “make” Him such or not), but that the Christian needs to recognize, understand, and submit to His Lordship if they are going to truly follow Him. And I think that’s where much misunderstanding comes from: Terminology(or lack thereof).


  4. Great piece Fourpointer. The sermon you used from John MacArthur is one of my favorites to listen to. I burned it onto a CD for both my mom and my dad to listen to. I know quite a few people that I would definitely encourage to listen to it and as well watch your videos on the topic. I am someone who came out of that easy-believism stuff and I can attest at it being absolute heresy.


  5. Excellent post my friend…my wife and I enjoyed the videos, very well said and straight to the point. I said something to my wife while we watched the second video, and I think it needs repeating here as well. Confession of Christ’s Lordship can be called by many as “an act”, therefore an act brings one to salvation. I think of it this way: It is not the act of confessing Jesus as Lord that brings you to salvation (along with believing that He rose from the dead), but the very fact that you KNOW there is no other hope for you. There is a change through the Holy Spirit where you are “convinced”, if you will, that there is no other Lord, no other Man, no other Name that can save except Jesus the Christ. It’s that inspired reality that brings a man to salvation, not the act in and of itself.

    God bless you FourPointer, thank you for your obedience…


  6. Grant – fp used to believe in only 4 of the 5 points of what is called Calvinism. The screen name stuck, even after he realized the error of his beliefs.


  7. There is a misconception that some Pentecostals believe we are “saved” by works. For almost 40 years as an active disciple of Christ, I have never heard anyone say we can work our way to heaven. We are saved by grace and by faith. I came out of an alcoholic, abusive home and the Pentecostal church was exactly what I needed. I had “been there, done that” by an early age and i appreciated the doctrine of seperation from ungodly living. As in most denominations, there always seems to be people who take their teachings to extremes and, thus, distort the truth. What happened is, when I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues for the first time, i KNEW God had touched my heart, mind, body, and spirit! The long-term indication of a true born again man is the fruits of the spirit. I am thankful God led me to the church I needed to go to in order to meet and receive Christ . The results speak for themselves. Thank you, Jesus!


  8. Speaking in tongues is not evidence of being born again, evidence of being born again is that you walk in obedience to Christ’s commands, that you love Him and desire to obey Him, that you forsake your sins.
    You say you spoke in tongues, may I ask you what language you spoke? Tongues means ‘language’; so if you spoke a foreign language, there had to be an interpreter, what did they interpret your speaking in tongues to be? If this gift were still in operation today, why is it missionaries must first learn the language of the foreign countries to which God calls them? Why doesn’t He give them the ability to speak in tongues miraculously w/o having to study the language of the foreign country?

    You also claim the evidence you are saved is the speaking in tongues, what about those who never utter a foreign language? What evidence do you say they have that they are saved?

    This is from John MacArthur…
    a) Explaining the phenomena of speaking in tongues

    “When the people in the room became filled with the Spirit, they began speaking in tongues, a manifestation of that reality. The Greek word translated “tongues” (glossa) means “language.” In verse 11 the word clearly refers to various dialects. So gibberish or ecstatic speech wasn’t present in Acts 2, but real languages and dialects. Verses 9-11 specify which languages were being spoken. Notice that the languages came as a result of being filled with the Spirit. Many advocate that tongues come as a result of being baptized in the Spirit. But that’s not what happened in Acts 2. Baptism in the Spirit is a nonexperiential event.

    The phenomena of speaking in tongues was a special event for that era. Just because it happened at the birth of the church doesn’t mean tongues will be present each time you’re filled with the Spirit. If you look at the list of results Paul gives from being filled with the Spirit (Eph. 5:19; 6:9), you’ll notice that tongues–speaking in other languages–isn’t included. Husbands and wives will love each other, so will parents and children. Employers and employees will have good working relations. But by the time the book of Ephesians was written, tongues were not a manifestation of the filling of the Spirit anymore.

    An Inconsistent Testimony =Some of those who believe the filling of the Spirit enables them to speak in tongues don’t manifest the results listed in Ephesians 5:19; 6:9. They claim to speak in tongues but don’t submit to their husbands or fail to love their wives in a sacrificial way. Some provoke their children to anger. Others are not good employers or employees. If such people really were filled with the Spirit, it would be manifest in right relationships with the significant people in their lives.”


  9. Anthony,

    Not to let this thread get hijacked, but…

    When you “gave evidence by speaking in tongues”, who interpreted what you said (1st Corinthians 14:9-10)? And what was their interpretation of what you said (1st Corinthians 14:13-14)?


  10. Anthony, all Pentecostals and Charismatics believe they are saved by works. The false doctrine of ‘initial evidence’ of salvation by speaking in tongues is a work! Also, Pentecostals believe that salvation is received by personal repentance (a work) rather than faith.


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