Did you know that Poison was a Christian rock band?

I bet you didn’t know that, huh? That all those songs they sang about drinking and sex and partying and all other kinds of debauchery were actually declaring the gospel? Well, that’s because you weren’t blessed with the same kind of discernment as Perry Noble of NewSpring church!

Why, if you had simply listened to their lyrics, you would know that Bret Michaels & Co were very faithful in declaring the whole counsel of God! After all, if they weren’t faithful to God’s word, do you really think that Perry Noble would let the “praise” band at NewSpring play their hit song “Nothin’ But A Good Time?”


Oh, yeah, you’re right.

He would……AND HE DID.

You’ll have to go to A Little Leaven to see the video; it won’t embed on WordPress. Of course, it’s just as well.

WOW!! If I had only known that all that time that I thought I was rocking out to Poison because they were singing about the same desires I had–sexual gratification, drunkenness and revelry–they were actually trying to lead me to Jesus!


Just more proof that Perry Noble doesn’t care about preaching the word of God, and that he’s more comfortable joining the filth of the world to the things of God, and creating a worship of his own making, and not according to the ways of God.

21 thoughts on “Did you know that Poison was a Christian rock band?

  1. The problem is… gullible parents believe everything their kids tell them…

    I recall countless times hearing, “They are a “christian” band.” from kids when the deceived parents wondered what the heck their kids were listening to…

    Creed was one…

    All the way to “christian” death metal…

    And the blind parents bought it hook, line and sinker…


  2. But Perry Noble and Poison (funny how those two go together) ARE bringing people to “jesus”. It’s just not the Jesus of the Bible. It’s the “jesus” that people want today: one who is devoid of righteousness (“that’s just “religious”, it’s what the Pharisees tried to have”), one who is devoid of truth (“if you’re really humble, you can’t really know truth”), one who lets you enjoy the world and the flesh (“because we celebrate being “free in Christ” and “no longer under bondage to the law”), and one who lets you do pretty much whatever you desire, as long as you’re “not hurting anyone”.

    The Great Apostasy is waxing worse, and we will see many fall into it.


  3. Before I give an opinion, I need to know the context of the song being played, and the reason for it being played. Neither of which you mentioned, nor were they on the video. These are important details.

    Reminds me of a video I had to watch in my church youth group that claimed that Michael J. Fox was involved with the occult because he used a crystal ball. Turns out the ball was a prop for a picture on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and the cover story was “Michael J. Fox Predicts Next Year’s Biggest Hits.”

    The entire video was a cover band performing a song by Poison. I need to know more before I make a judgment, so anybody know more about this?


  4. You would think the name of the band would give most a clue!! Very sad, those who believe this Noble huckster do so because they are under God’s judgment. The Lord said He would send a strong delusion…you would have to be under such a delusion to actually believe Noble is a ‘man of God’ and that Poison is a ‘Christian’ band. There is NOTHING ‘noble’ about Perry.




  5. In order to reach the un-churched seeker, we must become “all things to all men”
    (1 Cor. 9: 22). Ya know, we have to act like them, dress like them and play their kind of music at church on Sunday. Otherwise, they will think God is boring. If they see that we’re cool & we like Jesus, then they’ll like Jesus too!

    Twisted Scripture # 421

    Apparently, all of these squisshy seeker/purpose-drivel/emergent churches forget that we are called to be separated from the world. That church is supposed to be a place where God is 1st and He is glorified by our worship of Him and where we come to hear His word being taught.

    We don’t make church look or sound like the world in order to reach the world. No where in scripture do we see any instruction on marketing the church or surveying the un-saved to find out what they desire in a church.



  6. Yes John this is a grand example of twisting Scripture. If we must be all things to all men, then we must become pedophiles to pedophiles, and rapists to rapists and murderers to…well we all know where that leads. However, there is one group that has taken this verse and twisted it terribly and that is XXXChurch. They go into stripclubs, porn stores and the like “preaching” the “love” of Jesus to these people while they “work”. Chances are the subject of hell, repentance and sin don’t come up much.

    BTW, another verse that has been twisted by so-called Christ loving Christians is Isaiah 45.11…look it up and ask yourself is this what God meant? I used the KJV but this error is in most translations.


  7. I’ve tried three times to comment here – vanished into AlGore’s computer 🙂

    With Kerry Shook in my general nieghborhood, Perry and his peeps have stiff competitiion on bringing the biggest circus into his “church”.

    A Little Leaven had a bit on Cirque du Shook last month.


  8. Well, now that you mention it there does appear to be cross symbolism in the middle of the album cover displayed. But for what it’s worth the song in question appeared on their follow up album, the cover of which was a bit more disturbing; to the point that it was partially censored for publication.

    Anyway I guess that’s what one could call serious “stealth evangelism”! Who knew that Poison was such an elite group of contextualizers that they’ve been slipping a gospel “mickey” to thousands of their faithful hedonistic listeners for decades and it took Perry Noble to figure it out – and that nearly 25 years later?

    I can’t wait to hear the conversion tesimonies of those who were moved to tears in anguish over their sin against a holy God, and brought to deep repentance at the foot of the cross, as they were bathed in the Christ-centered lyrics of “Nothin’ but a good time” at Perry Noble’s House of Rock.

    In Him,


  9. So, back to the topic at hand (there are plenty of threads about music in general) I will ask again: does anybody know anything about this incident beyond the fact that they played this song? Or has anybody said that this was a Christian band?

    It sounds like people are patting themselves on the back for opposing something that hasn’t been said.


  10. Kind of reminds me of the band called ‘Mortification’. They stated that they played in smokey nightclubs and bars to get their message out, which I assume was supposed to be the Gospel. Christian Death Metal was what they labeled themselves as, and their music sounded like it came from the bowels of hell. Yes from time to time, they mention blood, hell and the cross of all things, but I always get back to this comment I heard once, “On Coronation Day, when Jesus is crowned King of kings and Lord of lords and all the earth bows to Him, what kind of music will be prepared for Him?” I dare anyone to show up in torn jeans, leather jacket, pierced nose and lips, covered in tattoos playing their heavy metal music…I just dare them.


  11. About 25 miles from where I live, they had a motorcycle ummm “blessing” “service” last year…..

    And people wonder why Babylon is falling to pieces…..

    The following cartoon says it all….


  12. RGF,

    So tell me–in what kind of “context” would a song where the “praise” band plays a song wherein the singer brags that he “spent my money on women and wine” be appropriate for a worship service?

    Have you clicked the link and watched the video? Apparently you haven’t. If you did, you would see that the “praise” band at BitterSpring was playing this song with all the gusto they could gather, and the crowd was cheering along. They even used pyrotechnics to “enhance” the “worship” experience.

    And, by the way, this is not the first time that Parry (Ig)Noble has used Satanic music during a “worship” service.

    See here.

    And see here.

    See the words of the children’s “pastor” at BitterSpring, and what kind of music he enjoys.

    As you can see, this is not an isolated incident, but the regular pattern at this church gathering place. And they’ll probably brag that because of this song, 10,000 young people “met Jesus”.


  13. First off I do respect that you are trying to stay true to the word of God and not be pulled in every direction. I agree that Poison is not, was not and never has been a christian band and given that not only are they not Christian they are also very offensive to the life in Christ we are called to it is at the LEAST a disappointing lack of discretion; That said I second what RGF said when he commented on the lack of context. I doubt that at any point anyone was trying to say that Poison was a Christian band. If indeed, as I suspect, the whole commenting about them calling Poison Christian and such was exaggeration then the lack of discernment in playing this song is no greater than the lack of discernment in intentionally clouding the issue in this manner rather than addressing the original issue as it was without ‘enhancement’

    As for bands like Mortification, Underoath and many others… that debate is as old as the hills. The ‘gospel hymns’ sung in many churches today were once the subject of those very same debates. These people consistently and blatantly preach that Jesus is Lord, that salvation is only through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, there are some in there that are not that way, but I think you would all agree that blanket judging people on the merits of others in the same profession or the same field would be rather undiscerning….after all, there are plenty of fundamental wackos out there too that neither you nor I would care to be judged by.

    So if indeed these people’s musical style invalidates the truth they preach then they are indeed a house divided against themselves and you shouldn’t be concerned; they will come to nothing. If you are honestly concerned that they are deceived and are not just looking for someone to deride than with respect I would suggest you pray for them, if given the opportunity approach them WITH LOVE, feel free to warn others but do so without a derisive blanket judgement. That being said, please keep in mind Jesus reply to the disciples in a similar situation in Mark 9:38 – 40. Anyone truly familiar with these bands will know that they are known for NOT just preaching love and failing to preach change and repentance. Rather the majority are very blatant about calling people to higher standards of living. I am not saying blanket acceptance is wise – rather I am saying judge them by their fruits. Use discretion and be careful not to lump everyone together.

    Revivalandreformation – on your comment about showing up in “torn jeans, leather jacket, pierced nose and lips, covered in tattoos playing their heavy metal music” and daring them to show up that way…. I likewise dare the people in suits who are abusive to their wives to show up, the people in dress slacks who fail to love their neighbor to show up, and those with ties on who have someone they have not forgiven to show up. Do I think the Lord God will be praised with Heavy Metal music in heaven? Beats me, I would imagine he will be praised with all kinds of music and I will leave it up to Him to draw the lines.

    UnprofitableServant – Just curious – are you in VT? I ask because they just recently did a motorcycle blessing near me…. I was bothered by it as well but have not yet decided if or how I should approach the pastor as he is a friend of mine.


  14. I want to let you guys know that God can change anyone however He sees fit and it always lines up with the Gospel he has given us in his son Yeashua the Messiah . unfortunately you are Caught up in Religion the more I hear it , Yes God is to be 1st even before your Wives or Children , the Gospel of Grace goes beyond the Law which is seen as a Mirror to Give us a view of ourselves. Do Christians do some unchristian things yes, some drink does this take their salvation. answer is No in truth we need to look at these non-christians as how we are with out Christ. Without Christ we are Depraved we are unclean we are sinful creatures with no hope outside of the Son of God. If you view the world in Condemnation you are steeped in religion I know what its like I was blind to this until recently but the two pastors I thank for helping me realize this are Holiness preachers who state the same thing until you can see yourself as Depraved as the gangster the drunkard the drug addict the prostitute you will never reach them. God Loves the Contrite in spirit that means we need to be Forthright and honest about this who here has Never had a Bad Thought about anyone the second you have we are told that is Murder or Coveting. Please don’t mistake this as an attack, I say this in all love. Break out of Religion and Love like Jesus , he loved reguardless . when we nailed him to the cross he loved us when we sold him out and abandoned him he loved us , when we were the dirty leper he healed us, remember my friends brothers and sisters to the least of these to the least of these .


  15. That’s just too pathetic to sing a Poison song in church. The lead singer has the occult markings on his tshirt just like the secular heavy metal bands, too. In the 80s I listened to Poison. I had that album. I saw Ratt with Poison, as well as other bands way back when I was into doing what I wanted to do. I didn’t want God’s way – I wanted my way.
    But when Jesus does heal you, you do not want the world. He changes you. I have come to hate what the world has to offer. I can’t listen to heavy metal anymore. I know the spirit behind it.

    These churches are worshiping the god of this world. And the people love to have it so.

    I think of that verse about trampling the son of God underfoot and insulting the spirit of Grace – Hebrews 10:29 That’s what all these churches are doing that allow the world to come in to the church. But that’s what the people want. They want the world, not the Jesus of the Bible. They want the new age christ. The new age christ says there’s no evil, do what you want. I’ve heard the christian heavy metal guys say this. They say God accepts you as you are! Be yourself, love yourself! It’s all about you. The new age movement is all about you – self realization, self actualization, self love, self esteem. Everything opposite the Word of God. They say love like Jesus – but the bible says God hates evil. He didn’t even spare the angels who sinned. 2 Peter 2. Jesus didn’t tolerate falsehood. In fact he warns us throughout the bible of ravenous wolves and their false teaching. But the new age christ says love everyone, everything, even false teaching, it’s all good!

    Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived. God will not be mocked.

    Bringing this into the church is mocking God. What a price they will pay.


  16. You can’t be famous and rich without doing it Hollywood’s way. Christians need to pray for Brett and all the other lost celebrities. Including the false gospel spreading apostates in the church.

    We are supposed to love each other and everyone else. Loving someone does not mean condoning the wrong they do. However, we need to remember that Jesus did not come into the world to condemn the world but to reconcile everyone to God.

    God is being patient with us because he’s not willing that ANY should perish. He loves everyone equally. We have to love and not judge or condemn those who are lost. We have to pray that the church wakes up and leaves these false prophet laden satanic synagogues at once.


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