How Mormons “attain salvation.”

A Mormon named Chris left the following comment, on a previous DefCon post:

Regardless of how it is interpreted, I have NEVER in 40 years of being a Mormon, met another Mormon who believes we can “earn” our way into Heaven. For you and others to continue to portray us in that light is dishonest. Dishonesty is NOT a Christian attribute.

Apparently Chris never met this Mormon:

This young girl has a better grasp of Mormon theology in regards to their view of justification and salvation than most Mormons I speak with.

I guess, according to Chris, this Mormon girl is just being “dishonest,” but I think she’s been reading her 1997 edition of the LDS published Gospel Principles (pages 303-304). It’s so refreshing to find a Mormon willing to be honest about what Mormonism teaches.

7 thoughts on “How Mormons “attain salvation.”

  1. While certainly wrong as all false doctrines are, I can understand, as a man, why men would want to be Mormons; having a woman to be your eternal sex slave, or many women if you were Mormon before Utah wanted to be a state, while simultaneously being the god of your own planet – it does appeal to the flesh. What I DO NOT understand is why a woman would want to be part of that. If Joseph Smith were right, a good Mormon girl’s reward is having to bear billions of babies to populate a planet while your husband/slavemaster gets to be a god.

    Seriously, who would think that was a good reward?


  2. I was told clearly by LDS missionaries that believing in Jesus means obeying all of His commands. I responded genuine belief leads to obedience, but obedience is not a requirement for justification. They said that didn’t make sense to them, and we read from 2 Nephi 25:23, “it is by grace that we are saved, *after all we can do.*”


  3. In answer to your title, “How Mormons attain salvation”; may I be so bold as to say – same way as any one else: God given faith in the biblical Jesus Who is the Christ, by grace alone and not by works lest any man boast.

    Since their doctrine teaches a false gospel, none shall pass into eternal life while holding to the LDS church.


  4. Only by the most malign mischaracterization can you say that the comment of “Chris” is inconsistent with either the 20 second clip of a street interview of a young Mormon woman or, for that matter, with 2 Nephi 25:23. “Chris” is absolutely correct in saying that we cannot “earn” our way into Heaven because good works are NECESSARY BUT NOT SUFFICIENT.

    It is necessary to have BOTH good works AND grace. That is exactly what the prophet Nephi said and what was said in the 20 second video clip.

    There is constant repetition of the lie that Mormons believe that good works ALONE are all that is necessary. The truth is that we know, and Nephi said, that EVEN AFTER “all we can do”, we still need the free gift of grace.

    We agree completely that we do not earn the necessary grace through good works and that grace is a free gift to us that we do not deserve — and that is EXACTLY what is said by Ephesians 2:8-9. Thus, while Ephesians says that we receive the necessary grace NOT as a result of our good works, it does NOT say that good works are unecessary. Grace comes from Heavenly Father and good works come from men.

    A bank safety deposit box requires two keys to open. One key is kept by the bank
    and the other is kept by the customer. The safety deposit box cannot be opened without BOTH keys. Heaven also requires two keys to enter. One is the key of grace kept by Heavenly father. The other is the key of good works kept by men.

    When Jesus’ brother, James, said that faith WITHOUT works is dead, he did not say that faith is dead when there ARE good works — Ephesians says exactly what Nephi said, which is that faith ALONE is not sufficient, and that one must have good works ALONG WITH faith.

    In contrast to your posts, Shaun Marksbury’s comment is a refreshingly accurate statement of the divide between Evengelicals and Mormons. I would appreciate his reaction to what I have written here.


  5. Murdock:

    I am not sure if anyone at DefCon has said that the LDS church teaches that works *alone* is necessary for salvation. If someone said it, I’m sure it was a misstatement.

    Understand, though, that we as Christians look upon the beliefs of “works alone” and “works plus grace” in the same light: it is an addition to the Gospel in that it means we have something to contribute. Said another way, both formulas result in God’s grace alone as not being sufficient to save.

    Every man made religion has one thing in common: man is responsible for bringing something to the table. We see no difference in LDS doctrine – we have to bring a key to open the lock-box. The trouble is that anyone can put on religious trappings and trust that God will meet them half-way, three-quarters-of-the-way, or what have you. It is still a mixture of faith and works that will somehow garner some kind of favor from God.

    The Bible does not teach this, and it is the only “Scripture” that provides a completely God-centered view of salvation. Of course, that means that not even James is in agreement with Nephi. James is talking about the “fruit” of genuine faith: those who are saved indeed demonstrate good works and will (imperfectly, at times) keep the Law of Christ. James is not putting the cart before the horse, however, and saying that good works contribute to salvation. DefCon posted something that might help clear up any misunderstanding:

    I hope that helps. Please pray and ponder over it.


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