Quotes (788)

Here’s the great fall out of the evangelical church: “People aren’t getting it [the gospel], let’s make it more understandable.”

“I know, let’s get a neat package we could sell at Life Way. We could call it the ABCs. Surely they could understand that.”

“I know, we’ll do a twelve step formula. Boy, if they get up to the twelfth step then they’ll get it.”

“I know, we’ll write it up in such a way, I know—we’ll sell it to the church—‘How to Share Your Faith Without Fear.’ And we’ll make it real easy where we don’t offend nobody, and it’s not hard for us, and everybody’d be happy, and we’ll all gather ‘round at the end of the service we’ll bow our head and close our eyes, nobody look around, everybody wave your hand, come to the front, pray this prayer, we’ll dunk you in the water, and we won’t see you again till we meet you in Hell.”

-Randall Easter

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