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“There are hidden perils in our life with God whenever we disobey Him. If we are not obeying God physically we experience a craving for drugs, not only physical drugs out of a bottle, but drugs in certain types of meetings and certain types of company—anything that keeps away the realisation that the habits of the bodily life are not in accordance with what is God’s will.

If in the providence of God, obedience to God takes me into contact with people and surroundings that are wrong and bad, I may be perfectly certain that God will guard me; but if I go there out of curiosity, God does not guard me, and the tendency is to “drug” it over—“I went with a good idea to try and find out about these things.” Well, you plainly had no business to go, and you know you had no business to go because the Spirit of God is absolutely honest.

The whole thing starts from disobedience on a little point. We wanted to utilise God’s grace for our own purposes, to use God’s gifts for our own reasoning out of things in a particular way.”

Oswald Chambers

12 thoughts on “Quotes (780)

  1. It a pretty scary quote when you think about it. Is there a difference with someone doing research on a subject, or do we see that as a ‘drug’, to attend a meeting to find out about what is really taking place?

    I guess this is the kind of thing where people could go to the extreme. You know how we are.

    Oh well. Consider, ponder, but don’t go overboard.


  2. Most excellent metaphor! Anyone who struggles against addictive sin knows the “brain drug” craving that calls for just another bite of the apple. Seek Christ and focus on His righteousness and the allure of the drugs of sin will fade.


  3. Doreen: “Is there a difference with someone doing research on a subject, or do we see that as a ‘drug’, to attend a meeting to find out about what is really taking place?”

    I would say that if someone just tells me it is bad and I don’t know for myself if it is or not and I do not have the information, finding out what is really happening would not be a bad decision. The problems come when you actively seek it out, just to see if it’s really “that bad.”

    Since everybody loves to talk about music here, I’ll give an example. If I tell you that the metal band Babies With Rabies is evil and just leave it at that, you may or may not believe me depending on what you know about me and tastes in music. If you cared, you could look it up. Look up their lyrics, see their webpage, find out what others have to say about it, even download a song or two. However, if you were going to their concert (part of the Preschool Murderland Tour) just to see if it is as bad as I say, you’d be immersing yourself into it and that is where the danger lies.

    Manfred: “Seek Christ and focus on His righteousness and the allure of the drugs of sin will fade.”

    I’m not convinced that the allure of sin would fade; the flesh is dead, but it is still there. I think that you simply get used to resisting the allure.


  4. My apologies for offending. “Preschool Murderland” was a reference to The Who’s song, “Teenage Wasteland.” Sometimes, I forget that not everybody is inside my head to hear my thought processes.


  5. Apology accepted, though, your references are still offensive, despite your explanation… and hardly belong in a Christian blog.


  6. Jeff: Wityh all due respect, the moderators felt it was at least tolerable; I have apologized for offense, and as far as I am concerned, the matter is resolved. If you have an issue with what is acceptable in this blog, you need to take it up with the people who run it.

    Doreen: Yes. Are you?


  7. To all:

    I am the one who approved RGF’s last comment. While I do agree that RGF could have used a little more discretion, I felt that a valid point was made. After all, that is what we do here at DefCon: we research the claims of those who oppose the truth, to make sure we have accurate information. Not that we actually attend Mormon ward meetings or JW’s Kingdom Halls or Todd Bentley concerts. But, we do look for information that we can pass on to our readers, that they may avoid the errors of the many wolves that are out there, that they do not wind up immersing themselves in such things.

    Both sides have valid points, and I hope we can all agree on that and move on.


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