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John MacArthur One more factor in the abysmal lack of discernment today is a growing deterioration of the overall level of spiritual maturity in the church. As knowledge of God’s truth ebbs, people follow popular views. They seek feelings and experiences. They hunger for miracles, healings, and spectacular wonders. They grope for easy and instant solutions to the routine trials of life. They turn quickly from the plain truth of God’s Word to embrace doctrines fit only for the credulous and naive. They chase personal comfort and success. The brand of Christianity prevalent in this generation may be shallower than at any other time in history.

– John MacArthur

One thought on “Quotes (755)

  1. Mac is spot-on in this observation. Funny (to me) thing: the “senior pastor” of my previous church remarked to me, about 3 months after moving to the church, that he was surprised at how spiritually shallow the church was. I told him that’s why we needed an expositional preacher who would preach and stand on the Word of God. He then spent the next several months avoiding meaty texts (such as James chapter two, even when preaching through that book) and telling lots of stories – in order to relate and connect with the spiritually shallow people.

    That ain’t the preacher’s job.


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