Quotes (751)

voddie-baucham You show me a wife who is not in submission to her husband, and I’ll show you a household in disarray. Can you imagine an army where sergeants openly disrespect generals, yet expect privates to respect them.

– Voddie Baucham

5 thoughts on “Quotes (751)

  1. From the National Organization for (wild) Women (NOW):

    “Although NOW has given moral support to attempts to ratify the ERA, they also continue to support the CEA as part of their official platform.

    The Constitutional Equality Amendment, which has not been introduced into any session of Congress, reads;

    1. Women and men shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place and entity subject to its jurisdiction; through this article, the subordination of women to men is abolished;…”

    I won’t even bother listing the other six articles. Suffice it to say that they are neither biblical nor God-honoring.

    – Jeff H


  2. As a father who gave my daughter to a godly young man this past weekend, I rejoice in having heard the pastor at the wedding exhort the groom to submit to Christ and serve his wife (my little girl!) as Christ gave Himself to the church, to disciple and sanctify her with the Word and prayer. He exhorted the bride (my little girl!) to submit to her husband, to respect him, and pray for him to pursue Christ and to pursue Christ herself. Their vows have no escape clauses 🙂

    Voddie was the one who counseled them prior to the wedding. Dontcha know he made this clear to them every time they met. The groom knows he has a God-given responsibility to lead his wife (my little girl!) and she knows she has a God-given responsibility to submit rightly to him and help him.

    I am joyful in my thanksgiving to my Father in heaven for this new family, for whom I will pray daily that they repent and pursue Christ, that He will be glorified by their marriage and their kids to come.


  3. Can you imagine an army where the sergeants expect the privates to do everything without leadership or direction, yet expect respect and submission?


  4. @ Jeni…AMEN!!

    I’m all for submission but all too often when the subject of submission is brought up people neglect to mention the fact that the husband is the head and therefore ultimately responsible for the chaos due to HIS lack of leadership and lack of loving his wife like Christ loved the church.


  5. The Christian (qualitatively) man who is sold out
    to the Lord Jesus Christ and loves his wife first,
    then his children will be submitted to!
    And said submission will be such an outgrowth of
    love and respect that it will not resemble in any
    way, shape or form a “superior” barking orders to
    an “inferior”!
    The Bible lays out the blueprint, SELF always
    messes that up with “feelings” and “fairness”!


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