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We believe that much that is called evangelism today is little more than psychology and salesmanship; we are appalled by the superficial work which goes on under the name of evangelism; we are appalled by the pressures, gimmicks, and schemes all calculated to produce “decisions” and impressive statistics but which work havoc in the souls of men. No! Because we believe in evangelism does not mean that we are going to cooperate with every scheme which bears that name. We believe that in evangelism as in everything else . . . we must be governed by the Word of God. The message of evangelism must be according to the Scriptures, and the method of evangelism must be governed by the Word of God!

– William Payne

1938 – 1997

2 thoughts on “Quotes (742)

  1. I worked in the sales industry for a time and when I was being trained, I was quite effected by the fact that much of what I was being taught to be an effective salesman, was very similar to what is being taught in the church on how to be an effective witness.

    ~Treat the customer/potential convert like your friend.
    ~Don’t overload them with too much information.
    ~Give them what they want.
    ~Customers/potential converts need someone to guide them into a decision.
    ~Know your product.
    And the list went on. Sounds all good on the surface, but there was ulterior motives galore. No sincerity, no selfless attempts to actually make the customer happy. Make a customer, make your money, keep them coming back. This is unfortunately the thinking of the church as well. Bring them in with gimmicks, once they’re in keep them there, sell them your product at all costs, make a customer(ah, I mean convert) out of them, and keep them coming back. No Holy Spirit, no brokenness, no hell, no conviction…just make them agree with you at all costs. If you can make them agree with you you have made a customer(oh, I did it again, I meant convert).

    I keep hearing Tim Conway’s words in Hell is Necessary…”Damn you for leading me here!!!”


  2. This so-called evangelism today and it’s gimmicks, and schemes all stem from an incorrect view of the doctrine of man, and man’s inability to respond because we are dead in our sins and trespasses.
    Many today are just following Charles Finney and his methods.


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