Sermon of the week: “Creation – Believe it or Not” by John MacArthur.

John MacArthur We’re beginning a new series here on DefCon by John MacArthur on the subject of God’s  creation (versus man’s theory of evolution) from his series The Battle for the Beginning. We begin with the following two-part message entitled Creation – Believe it or Not.

Creation: Believe it or Not (Part One)

Creation: Believe it or Not (Part Two)

Look for the next installment in two weeks.

7 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “Creation – Believe it or Not” by John MacArthur.

  1. JM’s messages are always great and yes, God created everything, just the way He tells us He did in the Bible. Creation Science is a favorite subject of mine and one that I love teaching.

    Soli Deo gloria!


  2. Woohoo!!! This is one of those biblical doctrines that is optional these days even among the “solid” circles. Truly, once a “Christian” sits in the seat of scoffers, echoing the Serpent’s war on the Word:”Hath God said?”, there will NO DOUBT be MORE doctrine they dismiss (doubt about the Fall, historical Adam and Eve, Substituionary Atonement, Heaven, Hell, etc). Once the seed of doubt in God’s Word is planted, it will take root. And its nothing less than unbelief.

    Did God say how He made everything and how long it took? Yes He did! HE created everything in Six Literal Days by the power of HIS Word, to HIS glory and praise.

    It is this very issue, God as Creator and ALL powerful, that demonstrates and demands His absolute Sovereign rule over every single aspect of His creation, including Salvation.


  3. cpciv,

    First, the tone of that video was disrespectful, even sinfully-mocking. I could not stomach it more than a few minutes.

    Second, while JM must submit himself to biblical criticism as he preaches and publishes, these scoffers picked one quote from one segment from one interview and condemned the man from it.

    While I believe that if one does not have a conversion story, one probably does not have a conversion, I have heard JM, during one of his sermons, talk about being reborn.

    Picking a date, on the other hand, seems very Charles Finney-esque, as in “write the date in your Bible so the devil can’t tell you you’re not saved.”

    As for myself, I can remember the circumstances (even timeframe) of my salvation, but as for a particular date, no.

    Am I saved? Most definitely! (thanks be to God!!!)

    So, if that’s all these two mockers have, then ‘case dismissed.’

    In Christ,
    – Jeff H


  4. Jeff – I would agree with you with the tone of the hosts (I would not agree with them either), but did you listen to all 3 videos before coming to your conclusion on the issue?


  5. I’m sorry cpciv, I can’t listen any more to these mockers. Perhaps someone here at DC has a titanium constitution and can listen to their ranting diatribe.

    Not me. Sorry.

    Have they approached JM with their railing accusations, rather than just scoffing publicly?

    One final note: I randomly skipped ahead just to see if their tone changed… It did not.

    However, towards the end of the NYTN%20Thanks.mp3, at the 19:30 mark, he talks about “…all that crying b.s. …”

    What is b.s. supposed to stand for? Are we to talk that way?

    I apologize to DC for even using the acronym. Please delete my post if it is offensive.

    – Jeff H


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