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Let me ask you, where in Scripture do you find the teaching that we are to treat false teachers with charity and the apostles of apostasy with Christian love? That is exactly the opposite of the teaching of 2 John . . . . Scripture terms the purveyors of false doctrine as “grievous wolves.” The faithful shepherds of history have not dialogued with grievous wolves.

– John Ashbrook

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  1. Firstly, Driscoll in my opinion is not a false teacher.

    What he is , is a incorrect contextualiser that errs……

    Secondly, I would consider a false teacher my ‘enemy’ and the Lord commands me to love [charity!] him.

    I am as outspoken as anyone regarding falsehood but we must be balanced!!


  2. How many indictments do you need to pronounce
    someone as false?
    Come on!
    Again, it is the WORD that does the pronouncing, not me!


  3. I can’t stand MD… at all. He does not belong in the office of pastor. Period.

    That said…

    We better make sure we label false teaching CORRECTLY!

    Because here’s the thing:

    Take your favorite pet preacher. Look at his eschatology that he teaches. Now, what if he is wrong? False teacher, right?

    What? Oh, now, you mean you wouldn’t go THAT far? Why not?

    Does anyone follow what I’m saying here? When does false teaching make you a false teacher? Only when it hits the ‘essentials’? Well, when was Song an ‘essential’ of the faith?


  4. So MD is an errant contextualiser. Interesting. So now the filth that comes from his lips is OK, OK!? So one minute he doesn’t have his act together, the next minute profanity gushes from his face and then the next minute he is full of the Holy Ghost and exponds scripture properly (but only for a minute) then he reverts back to not having his act together and we begin this song and dance all over again GOT IT!

    You guys need to step back and read what you are writing.

    False teaching is false teaching. Period. There’s no grey area.

    Men of God filled with the Holy Spirit do not teach lies and falsehoods.

    The Holy Spirit is not turned on and off like a faucet.

    If evil is in your heart, then evil is what comes out of your mouth.

    This is not rocket science, folks, Scripture is plain on this subject and somehow we in our wisdom have seen fit to negate the Word for our vain philosophy.

    So what mixture of truth vs. error is acceptable? 90% truth/10% error? How about 80/20 or 10/90 or 99/1? This is madness.


  5. Darrell,

    Not erring on the side of grace is madness.

    I was once quick to throw around the false teacher, heretic label. But now I am far more hesitant in doing so when it comes to guys like Driscoll.

    I cannot stand wrong contextualization – I despise it and I put my neck out get it chopped off often because of the stance I take on it.

    But we need to very careful when we throw wieght around. Sanctification is a process.

    You say, “Men of God filled with the Holy Spirit do not teach lies and falsehoods”

    What about if somebody was a continuationist and was certain they had a gift of the Spirit and they listen to a cessationist like MacArthur and the like……..is he to label the cessaionist a false teacher??

    Show me a 1 preacher who is 100% perfect in ALL his theology and conduct. Only Jesus is that…….


  6. I don’t know about anyone else, but the Bible is very clear about false teachers without us having to fill in the blanks. They are accursed, tossed out from among us, alienated and shunned until a work of forgiveness and brokenness through the chastisement of God is complete. Of course we’re supposed to love them. But from afar. The leaven they are spreading must be weeded out from among us. For the sake of the purity of the bride, drastic steps must always be taken. Enough with the non-judgmental attitudes from the body. It would be a perfect war for the enemy if we all learned not to judge the enemy when he approached…time is running out people, what will be our excuse on judgment day? I didn’t want to offend?


  7. Not all teaching is equally needful unto salvation. If you can’t see that, how have you discerned who teaches correctly 100% of the time? Tell us please.

    And if you answer no ones does but Chirst, then why do you listen to any teacher? Tell us please.

    Christ is the key. “What think ye of Christ?” That’s what we cannot at all afford to have wrong in teaching.

    And I’m still waiting for that 100% perfect teacher, other than Christ.

    Because, after all, by your own post, anything other than 100% correct = False Teacher.

    So, now we know. Either RC Sproul is a false teacher or John MacArthur is. Because they do teach differently on some things. That’s not cool because I liked both.


  8. Matthew, I also am talking about LOVE.
    But not “sloppy-agape” that just accepts everyone by “loving” them into the Kingdom. There are very clear, concise guidelines in Scripture, remember that, the Holy Word of God. All must be filtered through the Word, not through my human feelings and/or emotions.

    Darrel, thanks for your post!

    Brian, how ludicrous to compare any man to the Lord Jesus Christ!
    Man is fleshly and because of that will always be somewhat tainted. But, we are to pursue holiness and strive to be more like Jesus, we will never attain it while still in this body of flesh.

    Truth is truth, Error is error….it is black or it is white…..like Darrel says NO grey!


  9. “What about if somebody was a continuationist and was certain they had a gift of the Spirit and they listen to a cessationist like MacArthur and the like……..is he to label the cessaionist a false teacher??” Matthew

    “So, now we know. Either RC Sproul is a false teacher or John MacArthur is. Because they do teach differently on some things. That’s not cool because I liked both.” Brian

    I think those are good points.

    Who would be the false teacher, the premilleniest or the amilleniest?
    Who would be the false teacher, the person that teaches against imputed righteousness of Christ or teaches imputed righteousness of Christ?
    Who would be the false teacher, the person that teaches baptism by immersion or baptism by sprinkling?


  10. Berean Gal:

    I made no comparison of anyone to Christ. Again, you make a FALSE charge. Do you not see this?

    I didn’t make a comparison but you just accused me of it. Rather, I voiced ALREADY what you posted last: THAT THERE IS NO PERFECT TEACHER OTHER THAN CHRIST.

    And yet, despite acknowledging that there is no perfect teacher except Jesus Christ, you and Darrel refuse to amswer our questions.

    I don’t blame you. You can’t. At least, not without looking, to quote you, ‘ludicrous’. Because making these broad, sweeping charges, then making an exception, would be hypocrisy. “Who will lay a charge to God’s elect?”


  11. From “Words of Counsel for Christian Workers” by C.H. Spurgeon

    “Now, see what the laborer brings with him. It is a sickle. His communications with the corn are sharp and cutting. He cuts right through, cuts the corn down, and casts it on the ground. The man whom God means to be a laborer in His harvest must not come with soft and delicate words, and flattering doctrines concerning the dignity of human nature, and the excellence of self-help, and of earnest endeavors to rectify our lapsed condition, and the like. Such mealy-mouthedness may God curse, for it is the curse of this age. The honest preacher calls a sin a sin, and a spade a spade, and says to men, “You are ruining yourselves; while you reject Christ you are living on the borders of hell, and ere long you will be lost to all eternity. There shall be no mincing the matter, you must escape from the wrath to come by faith in Jesus, or be driven for ever from God’s presence, and from all hope of joy.” The preacher must make his sermons cut. He is not to the off the edge of his scythe for fear it should hurt somebody. The gospel is intended to wound the conscience, and to go right through the heart, with the design of separating the soul from sin and self, as the corn is divided from the soil. Our object is to cut the sinner right down, for all the comeliness of the flesh must be slain, all his glory, all his excellence must be withered, and the man must be as one dead ere he can be saved. Ministers who do not aim to cut deep are not worth their salt. God never sent the man who never troubles men’s consciences. Such a man may be an ass treading down the corn, but a reaper he certainly is not. We want faithful ministers; pray God to send them.”


  12. Berean Gal:

    I truly apologize. That was a sinfully snarky response and not helpful. I ask your forgiveness and God’s forgiveness. There is a more comstructive way to respond and instead, I answered from the flesh, which is ungodly.

    Please let me attempt to bring out my point in a more pure and constructive manner.

    Obviously, I do not believe MD should be in a pulpit. His language and such disqualify him from that office, as per Paul’s letter to Timothy. I am not seeking to defend him. Past comments I’ve made on him will bear this out.

    The issue for me is false teaching, in general.

    You are correct. False teaching is false teaching, obviously. My question is at what point is one labeled a false teacher? Eschatology can be a thorny topic but also a good example of this. Obviously, not every eschatological view can be correct teaching because many necessarily cancel out another. Would the teacher who teaches Christ and Him crucified, yet being incorrect in eschatological teaching, be a false teacher?

    Where do we draw the line? I have no trouble calling someone like Kenneth Copeland a false teacher. But I would hesitate calling one who taught a wrong eschatology but a correct sotierology a false teacher.

    This is likely a matter of personal conviction, such as whether one believes an Arminian, though incorrect on how his salvation is wrought, is truly a believer. Some may say no and some may say yes.

    Anyway, I again ask for your forgiveness for my fleshly previous response.


  13. Brian, of course, you are forgiven. (thank you)

    I read Jeremiah 23 this morning, and altho’ it is an OT passage (which we were told was no longer pertinent, but that is another subject altogether), it is very scary to me. These that call themselves “pastors” and/or “teachers” have placed themselves under a special and very specific judgment.


  14. WOW! Everybody is REALLY going on this one…..
    I had lots of thoughts as I read these posts. First of all Judgement and love are NOT diametrically opposed to one another. The idea that Judgement and love are opposites is a foundational doctrine of the false belief system of Antinomianism. GOD IS BOTH LOVE AND JUDGMENT THE TWO CANNOT BE SEPARATED FROM ONE ANOTHER!!! People quote the thou shalt not judge verses of the scripture all the time……..OBVIOUSLY out of context, because in other places we are told to judge. The word judge in the New Testament is from two Greek word……the meaning of one is make a distinction, judge, discern, contend, a dspute. The other is decide consider, determine correctness, to judge, pass judgement.

    We are to “judge ourselves so that we be not judged with the world.” 1 Cor. 11:31,32

    “Judge them that are within” 1 Cor. 5:12

    “Judge disagreements” 1 Cor. 6:2-6

    Judge words spoken in the midst of the body. 1 Cor. 14:29

    The apostle Paul even asked the Corinthians to judge what he said. 1 Cor. 10:15

    The Biblical concern was not that we never judge, but that we judge RIGHTEOUSLY!!! Psalm 58:1 and 82:2

    The only things listed specifically that we were NOT TO JUDGE is meat, drink, holy days and sabbaths. Col. 2:16

    On top of all this there are lots of scriptures on exposing the works of darkness, examining fruit, recognizing false preachers/teachers, rebuking, reproving, going to a brother in sin…ect. ect. ect.

    Isn’t the presupposition ALL WRONG……..that if we “judge” we are unloving, critical, ect.????

    Shouldn’t we be thinking………I am depraved, I can be very deveived by my sin and the sin of others….if someone is speaking about sin in my life I should humbly, prayerfully consider what is being said????? SHOULDN’T PASTORS/TEACHERS BE THINKING AND ACTING IN THIS MANNER AS WELL?????? AND Pastors/teachers are doubly judged by God!!!! They should be doubly examined!!! HOW have we gotten to the state in “american christianity” that no-one is allowed to question/judge anything!!! but especailly Pastors/teachers. WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO EXAMINING EVERYTHING, OURSELVES INCLUDED BY THE SCRIPTURE!!!!


    AND I do not know where the line is exactly, but repeated behaviours by Pastors/teachers either in doctrinal issues or specifically taught behavioural issues should grant them the label of FALSE…… If it gets to the point a legitmate “list” can be made then they are not qualified to be Pastors and Teachers…….. AND the Bible is very clear on what qualifications a Pastor should posess, we just no longer study them, so that we have understanding, nor want to use them as the standard. If the Biblical standard were tryuly upheld…how many “Pastors” would still really be in that position?????


  15. what doctrinal issues would cause a teacher to be labeled “false”?

    I wouldn’t consider a person a false teacher if they taught the core doctrines of the Chrisitian faith.

    A false teacher cannot consistently teach the core doctrines.


  16. OH BOY!!! Seems like it always gets back to a list or a formula….to determine those who are false………I am not trying to evade the issue here, but outside of literally applied scriptures…… on Elders, Deacons, Bishops, AND the Literally applied scriptures on False Teachers, Prophets, Pastors, what more would be required?? WE DO NOT APPLY THESE BIBLICAL CONCEPTS, WE RATIONALIZE THEM AND RE-INTERPRET THEM! I MIGHT agree with you on “a false teacher cannot consistently teach the core doctrines”……. WHat do you mean by CONSISTENTLY??? SOMEONE can say one thing and do another for a very long time without getting caught……….. I do agree that for the most part false teachers/preachers will also teach/preach false doctrine, but not always, totally, nor forever. They may start out teaching one thing and go to another…..”they creep in unawares”. ALSO…this disconnects TOTALLY what they say from what they may actually be…….is that not an inherent quality of deception??? They portray themselves to be something they are not or for one reason or another they start out being one thing and end up being another. Those scriptures which teach about deacons, elders, bishops and false teachers/preachers when carefully studied deal just as much or more with the character habits of these men as with what they teach/preach. YET…..it is considered legalistic, judgmental, and critical to observe and question how someone acts…….


  17. What a firestorm!! Yet it all boils down to where is your allegiance. Of course there are no perfect teachers, nor did I hint that there are, just asking a question. There are men of God who can be approached with an error in their teaching, be shown the right and wrong of it and change their teaching to the correct side of the issue. Then there are those who outwardly teach what is correct (on the surface) and their entire life betrays everything that they take a public stand on. So which is the false teacher?

    We seem to be so quick to “stand by our man” and excuse the blatant in your face lies passed off as truth. I am much more interested in contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints than I am coming to the defense of any man. Those who preach/teach the truth need no defense.


  18. Great quote on false teachers! We are to love GOD and HIS Word above all things.

    Funny how people will die for a false shepherd yet snipe at Christians who stand loyal to Christ and His Word.

    Requirements of an elder/pastor (not optional–caps are of interest in regard to Driscoll):

    be above reproach
    husband of one wife
    not addicted to much wine
    free from the love of money
    manages his own household well
    keeps his children under control with ALL DIGNITY
    not a new convert so as not to become CONCEITED and fall into the condemnation incurred by the devil
    not fond of sordid gain
    exhort in SOUND DOCTRINE

    Reference: Tius 1:5-10; 1Tim. 3:1-7

    The world knows of Mark The Cussing Pastor. Moreover he recently talked about sexual intimacy with the Seattle Times.

    Eph 5:3 But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. 4 Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.

    Eph 4:29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

    1Co 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” 34 Wake up from your drunken stupor, as is right, and do not go on sinning. For some have no knowledge of God. I say this to your shame.

    Driscoll fails the test by twisting Scripture and not being sensible, prudent, nor faithful to it: http://www.shepherdsfellowship.org/pulpit/Posts.aspx?ID=4174 Here MacArthur deals with Driscoll on his view of the Song of Solomon.

    http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/driscoll_michels.pdf Here is a multitude of examples of why Driscoll is SO disqualified and UNFIT for being an elder.

    Also Mark Driscoll said in his book “Vintage Jesus” that Jesus:

    “[tells] a leper to shut-up”

    “does the equivalent of breaking into a church on a Sunday morning to make a sandwich with the communion bread..”

    “needs Paxil”

    “needs sensitivity training”

    “has his guys take a donkey without asking like some kleptomaniac donkeylifter”

    “[Is] an obvious workaholic who needed to start drinking decaf and listening to taped sounds of running water while doing aromatherapy so he could learn to relax.”

    “Jesus’ humor was often biting and harsh, particularly when directed at the Pharisees. For example, he called them a bag of snakes, said that their moms shagged the Devil, and mocked them for tithing out of their spice racks.” (pp. 40-41)

    “Jesus was born in a dumpy, rural, hick town, not unlike those today where guys change their own oil, think pro wrestling is real, find women who chew tobacco sexy, and eat a lot of Hot Pockets with their uncle-daddy. Jesus’ mom was a poor, unwed teenage girl who was often mocked for claiming she conceived via the Holy Spirit. Most people thought she concocted the crazy story to cover the fact she was knocking boots with some guy in the backseat of a car at the prom.” (p.11)

    ~source http://www.irishcalvinist.com/?p=1247

    More quotes from other books and things Driscoll has said: http://www.mbla.org/Driscoll_Quotes.htm


  19. Please consider the following:

    2Pe 2:1 …just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will SECRETLY INTRODUCE destructive heresies…

    Jud 1:4 For certain persons have CREPT IN UNNOTICED,…These are the men who are HIDDEN REEFS in your love feasts when they feast WITH YOU WITHOUT FEAR, ….

    Gal 2:4 Yet because of FALE BROTHERS SECRETLY BROUGHT INWHO SLIPPED IN to spy out our freedom that we have in Christ Jesus, so that they might bring us into slavery….

    Just how do you think they “secretly” introduce heresies, and “creep in unnoticed” ? How are they “hidden: reefs exactly? Is it not by professing right doctrine, if for a time?

    Arthur Pink said, “False prophets are to be found in the circles of the most orthodox, and they pretend to have a fervent love for souls yet they fatally delude multitudes concerning the way of salvation. The pulpit, platform and pamphlet hucksters have so wantonly lowered the standard of divine holiness and so adulterated the Gospel in order to makeit palatable to the carnal mind.”

    Spurgeon once said, “Discernment is not merely the ability to know right from wrong, but right from ALMOST RIGHT”. He also said in the Downgrade Contraversy, “The case is mournful. Certain ministers are making infidels. Avowed atheists are not a tenth as dangerous as those preachers who scatter doubt and stab at faith.”

    Robert Morey: http://biblicalthought.com/blog/a-few-thoughts-on-apostasy/


    The main problem is that many religious leaders today SAY ONE THING and TEACH ANOTHER. If you ask Gregory Boyd or the other “Open View of God” heretics if they believe in the “omniscience” of God, they will say, “Yes.” Dumb Christians are satisfied at this point and go their merry way deceived and hoodwinked. But if you FORCE THEM TO DEFINE the term “omniscience,” they end up denying that God knows all things! They claim that God does not and cannot know the future.

    Just because someone says, “I believe in sola scriptura,” does not mean he really believes in it. If he elsewhere says that the Bible is not the final authority in faith and practice, he has DENIED IN SUBSTANCE what he supposedly affirmed as a slogan. Heretics have always done this. What they affirm with the right hand is what they deny with the left hand. It does not matter what doctrine is at stake.

    In the early 1980s, those who denied the inerrancy of Scripture did not begin by openly denying it.They redefined it until the term “inerrancy” meant errors!

    Those who deny the bodily resurrection of Christ often pretend to believe in it by tricky words and double talk. Believe me; I have heard some slick theologians in my day!

    Apostasy in Scripture is of two kinds: DOCTRINAL AND MORAL.The monk Pelagius was according to all a good man, morally speaking. Thus when I point out some teacher as a heretic, evanjellyfish usually respond, “But he is sooo nice! He is a good man. How dare you attack him!”

    They assume that heretics are always mean and vile. A NICE HERETIC who says that right phrases and theological clichés cannot be a heretic in their mind.

    The problem with heretics who are “nice” is that we tend to let them get away with the most outrageous teaching because they seem to be so nice. A heretic can be a good person who is very moral. Yet, he can also be an anti-Christ.

    End quote.


  20. Great points Denise!
    You too, Stella Marie and Darrel!

    When you expose someone’s “guru” they tend to get defensive!

    God help us to be discerning in these last days.


  21. I am not defending anyone so don’t throw your presupositious accusations at me. I just want to know what doctrines must a person teach to not be considered a false teacher.

    There is a big difference between a false teacher and someone who is disqualified from holding an office in a church. And a big difference from a false teacher and someone who hasn’t reached the magical state of “sinless perfection”.


  22. Denise,
    Excellent post and quotes. I had read much of that info on MD but did not have it formatted like you did for easy use. WHEW!!

    It would be impossible in this format to even begin to address a list of false doctrine……. I am not referrring to cessationist vs. non- cessationists, nor Armenianism vs. Calvinism if that is what you mean. NEITHER do I hold pastor/teachers to “sinless perfection” in life-style or teaching. AS Denise made very clear…a False Teacher/Preacher will be off scriptural base in BOTH doctrine and conduct…it will be very clear. We do not have to monitor every move and comment, but we should be holding up GOD’s BIBLICAL standard…to ourselves and everyone else……

    You SEEM angry. Can I ask, are you? and Why???


  23. Denise, Stella Marie, Berean Gal:

    I have greatly appreciated your stand for truth. Press on sisters in using the gifts God has given you!


    You are correct. Stand fast in what the Lord has shown you. Continue to test all things by the Scriptures. I know it can get frustrating. Persevere in love.


  24. At the risk of throwing “presupositious accusations” Shane, Denise has pretty well covered the subject of your question. A most excellent job, Denise. Is the playing of the “sinless perfection” card supposed to make us all run for cover and issue appolgies to grieved offendees? Or is more an act of desparation? You have to figure out for yourself who is the false teacher and who isn’t—nobody is going to hold your hand. The answer is found within the Scriptures. Understanding them and BELIEVING them seems to a problem for some.

    The only ax I have to grind here is with those who insist on calling evil good and good evil. Jude 3


  25. Insofar as I can tell from reading through the comments in this thread all the participants seem to be on the same page with respect to false teachers.

    They’re accursed.

    They’re heinous.

    They mercilessly rend Christ’s little flock, and ought to be diligently and publicly exposed for what they are – Satan’s little helpers.

    However, as is the case in many theological matters, it is clear that sincere disagreements exist among even God fearing, Christ honoring, scripture revering believers when we compare our respective “false teacher lists”. No doubt some here are stronger or weaker brothers, some are more or less mature in the faith, and some are gifted with more or less discernment. As we earnestly contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered unto the saints let all God’s people in humility esteem one another as better than ourselves, and may we honor the Master who bought us with His precious blood by not devouring one another with our words, every one of which we will one day give an account to the Lord.

    Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. – Psalm 19:14

    Soli Deo Gloria!

    In Christ,


  26. @darrell
    “Is the playing of the “sinless perfection” card supposed to make us all run for cover and issue appolgies to grieved offendees?”

    I hoped it would but it appears I have failed. I may play the “pharisee card” next. Maybe even the “don’t judge” card.

    “You have to figure out for yourself who is the false teacher and who isn’t—nobody is going to hold your hand.”

    I don’t need anyone to hold my hand.


    I started off trying to figure out what doctrines a person must teach to be “orthodox” and not be a false teacher. Every true Christian has the same basic core beliefs but they don’t all agree on the secondary issues. A lot of people consider others that don’t agree with their whole theology a false teacher. Calling someone a false teacher is a very serious charge. You are saying that you know that person is going to hell. It would be hard for me to label someone thats teachings are orthodox a false teacher. Even if they have a less than perfect lifestyle.

    Then I am lumped into the golden calf defenders as defending my “guru”.

    Of the top three golden calfs of Driscoll, Piper, and Warren, the only one that I would feel somewhat easy about calling a false teacher is Warren based on what I currently know about the men. They all make me uneasy.

    There is a big difference in a false teacher and someone that is disqualified from holding an office in the church. The false teacher is not a true Christian and is going to hell, the person that is not qualified to hold an office can still be a true Christian and not a false teacher. So being disqualified does not necessarilly make one a false teacher.

    Anyways sorry if my answers seem a little fleshly. Have a nice day.
    I am off to work on my sinless perfection.


  27. Having taken a step back because of the turn of comments, most certainly including my own, and taking time to pray and think upon this, I think I see part of the issue in this seemingly circular debate.

    I think the term ‘false teacher’ possibly does not have the same universal definition to everyone commenting. For my part, when I broaden my own understanding of the term from ‘one who teaches false teaching’ to include ‘one who is falsely in the postion of teacher, being disqualified by way of spcritural criteria to that postion’, I find I have very little disagreement with my brothers and sisters in Christ here.

    Zeal against the enemy’s destructive tactic of raising up false teachers in the midst of believers, or at least professing believers, is not merely commendable but a scriptural perogative. It would not seem a single commenter here would so blatantly suscribe to endorsing a false teacher, in any sense that it is defined, in defiance of God’s Word.

    This seems more of an exercise in endorsing definitions rather than a righteous call against professed brethren who endorse one, who by teaching or lifestyle or any other scripturally disqualifying means, does not belong teaching Christ’s sheep.

    Sort of a ‘you say toe-may-toe’, ‘I say toe-mah-toe’ type thing. Not one person here has endorsed false teaching. So that is obviously not the real issue.

    I think those who really think Shane or Matthew or I somehow do not understand the seriousness of false teaching and our duty as slaves of Christ to defend the faith once delivered unto the saints have missed the boat a bit, whether by sincere misunderstanding in application of definition or a prideful ‘leap before you look’ approach to ‘bring the thunder’. It’s applying antidote to a condition that does not exist, for none of us has endorsed false teaching in this post, just as CD observed.

    For my part, I see that I had a more narrow definition of what a false teacher is than most commenters have, very similar to Shane’s. And in retrospect, I am more than happy to broaden it so that I am on the same page as my brethren in Christ. We have enough to deal with in discerning truth from error, we don’t need an argument over semantics.

    This may be part of the issue here. I’m not claiming it is all of it. But possibly not everybody is defining ‘false teacher’ the same way. If everyone were on the same page, it may assist progress in addressing one another in grace with zeal for God’s truth, rather than the snarkiness I and many commenters have been guilty of doing.


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