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Brian Borgman I honestly, for the life of me, do not understand how somebody who professes to be in Christ can still continue to take God’s name in vain. And I will tell you I hear it all the time. Not in the profane ways of the world but in using the word God as an expletive. If you’re in Christ and Christ dwells in your heart then what comes out of your mouth should be words of praise and thanksgiving to God, not using God’s name in vain. The same filth that used to come out of your mouth is now cleaned up; why? because Christ lives in you. . . . I was an alter boy, and I went to Holy Family Catholic School, and I was surrounded by all this religious atmosphere, but you know what, I was excellent at was cussing. Most alter boys do cuss by the way. . . . I was a prolific swearer at twelve years old. When God saved me there was an immediate sense that those words no longer fit inside of this mouth. To be in union with Christ affects the way that you think, it affects the way that you speak, it affects the way that you use your body.

– Brian Borgman

9 thoughts on “Quotes (735)

  1. Will NEVER forget jumping into the back seat of the car belonging to a sweet and committed Christian who had invited us to share a ride home with her and her daugthers. It was a VERY hot day. I said, ‘Golly bumb..it’s hot! She immediately told me, ‘You should not take the Lord’s name in vain.’ I was so stunned that I said, ‘My goodness!’ She said, ‘You did it again.’ I was doubly stunned…but not speechless. So, out of my continuing shock at what I thought was unfair repromand…I said, ‘Well, goodness gracious, what did I say?” Hmmmmm! :SMILE:

    I would never use God’s or Christ’s name in vain. But I had never realized…and neither had my parents…that golly, goodness, gracious, mercy…and so forth…are all derived from the sacred gospel of God and His Christ…and should never be used lightly. And, you are correct, we hear professing Christians boldly using God’s name in a flippant way. God is not pleased with these ‘flippant’ uses of His name.

    Good post.



  2. Well, thanks alot! Is there a moment of the day where God is not convicting me of my sin???! When I asked Him in tears to purify me, not the cute, comfortable purifying you hear about in the fluffy songs today, but the purification that takes place when metal is heated to the degree where the impurities are burned away or turned into slag and are forced to the surface. God has revealed the extent of my depravity and I have no choice but to be broken. I have spoken these things in the past, right up to today and I never realized until now the effects they do have on God and my relationship with Him. I have heard this said before, but untill now, it had never become life to me. Thank you to Carolyn and Def.Con. for helping me and aiding me in my journey to be conformed to the image of Christ. Thank you Father…


  3. Revivalandreformation..you are very welcome :smile:. Isn’t it awesome how the Holy Spirit ‘renews’ and ‘transforms’ even our choice of words. Beautiful!



  4. internet elias…Yes the Holy Spirit has His sights set on me for sure. Did you know that renew in the Greek means renovate? This is EXACTLY what He is doing in my life. It’s just not a matter of a little tweak here and there…no, He’s not satisfied with that, I am undergoing a complete and total renovation here, and all that is left is the foundation. Daily, God is bringing to my attention stuff in my past that I had forgot about, but through His conviction, it comes back and gets brought out into the light. The neatness of it all is, it is all done without an ounce of condemnation! God brings this stuff to me, I break down and cry over it and my utter foolishness and then He takes it away never to be remembered again. What an awesome God we serve, Carolyn!


  5. reandre (I’ve ‘briefed’ you :smile:) Yes, we serve and AWESOME God. And since He never changes…we MUST change to His likeness, His righteousness, His LOVE. But HE LEADS, GUIDES, AND DIRECTS THAT TRANSFORMATION…..one behavior at a time,

    Your ‘joy in the Lord’ shows!

    Carolyn / internetelias.wordpress.com


  6. Thank you Carolyn, I thought that I was the only one brought up not to say these “christian curse words”. We were not allowed to say, heck, darn, gee, dang in addition to the list you provided.
    The newest one that I hear a lot is “freakin” and it’s more offensive counterpart “frickin”.
    You never realize just how ugly it is to speak this way until you hear your little toddler repeat it. Then you are really convicted about your speech.
    That Scripture ” . . . slow to speak . . .” is a great one. If we all would think and pray before we speak it would save us a lot of heartache later.


  7. Berean gal: Know what you mean. Same here. I grew up in a kinder and gentler ‘word’ era :smile:. I taught Special Education for eigghteen years…severely disabled students…and the basic methodology was to ‘increase desired behaviors’ rather than working to ‘decrease undesirable behaviors.’ Reason being…that as the ‘desired’ behavior is practiced…the ‘undesired’ behavior has ceased. Hmmmm. Simple…huh? The same simple methodology applies to Christian behavior. As we begin to practice words pleasing to God, we do not have to be concerned about those that are ‘unpleasing.’



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