Quotes (733)

There is an itching, nowadays, after originality, striking out a path for yourself. When sheep do that, they are bad sheep. Sheep follow the shepherd; and, in a measure, they follow one another when they are all together following the shepherd. Our Great Master never aimed at originality; he said that he did not even speak his own words, but the words that he had heard of his Father. He was docile and teachable; as the Son of God, and the servant of God, his ear was open to hear the instructions of the Father, and He could say, “I do always those things that please him.”

– Charles Spurgeon

1834 – 1892

2 thoughts on “Quotes (733)

  1. As in the days of Spurgeon, so it is now. Preachers telling their folk that God has a special plan for each of them and they must simply search it out and do it. The individualism of modern church plays to the self worship humans tend to have. The Holy Spirit will lead one to do this and another to do that, but new revelations are of Satan. Our desire for new things in our ears, mouths, eyes, leads us to think we ought to be doing new things for God. Not satisfied with the Gospel ourselves, we are loathe to be content with proclaiming it. Why not a Christian motorcycle ministry? That would justify a fancy bike and lots of time focusing on my desires.



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