Mormon Glenn Beck to give graduation speech at Liberty University.

More proof that the Dominionost segment within American Christianity places the preservation of Christ-less morality and the American dream above that of sound doctrine and the purity of the gospel.

Here’s the piece from the Liberty University website.

10 thoughts on “Mormon Glenn Beck to give graduation speech at Liberty University.

  1. I normally don’t watch Glenn Beck’s show; I don’t watch Fox News much for that matter. I found a link on Facebook to a show he recently did which compared America’s historical progress with that of the Communist/Socialist nations of Europe. What it all boiled down to was that America’s progress as a nation had much to do with “faith, hope and charity”. Thanks to your informative posts plus those of other ODM’s, I immediately recognized Beck’s connection with Dominionism. I identify with the Tea Party movement as an American who is angry at the direction our country is taking, but God is showing me that I need to step back and let Him work. I’m not going to be attending this party anymore!


  2. Would not be surprised if he is a CIA Operation Mockingbird operative, or whatever the current name. I am surprised at his popularity, like John Hageeand Pat Robertson overnight celebrities, but maybe his value added tax proposal with sink him.

    It seems they get their $32 million a year worth of propaganda, but money is no object for the criminals.


  3. As a man in Seminary at Liberty, this saddens me deeply. Last year (I think) it was Ben Stein, star of “Expelled.” No Gospel there either (he is Jewish). Please pray for Liberty.


  4. Glenn Beck is a paid entertainer on Fox News. Everything he says and does is fully sanctioned (written/edited, etc.) by the corporately controlled media. These being those who are far from liberty seekers. As the saying goes, something is rotten in Denmark.

    Yes, much of what he preachers is true (but not all by any stretch of the imagination). Here, we must remember that if you want to catch fish, you need to use good bait. Something we all can relate to when dealing with false preachers/teachers of God’s word who preach a lot of true doctrine. I fear that Beck may be yet another paid shill who says all the “right” words to build up support and hook his fish. Then, once hooked he can pull his fish here, or pull them there as they have swallowed the hook and now view him as one who can say/do no wrong.

    I don’t have all the answers, but I am very skeptical of Beck.


  5. While Beck might be right on many political or moral issues, he also brings in talk of “god” and even “Jesus”, which the discerning and well-informed Christian, knows that’s a false Jesus and false god–the ones of Mormonism.

    Liberty is proving to be like all other “Christian” universities and seminaries—compromise Truth because of a low view of Scripture and therefore a low view of God. Its the name-game and appeals to the flesh which is not of HIM.

    Then again guys, Liberty has been silent on the lies of their Prez, Ergun Caner, who has been a brilliant example to all their students that you CAN lie on your resume and keep the top job! So what’s a little Mormon cheerleading?


    And btw, I have a family member who was thinking Beck is a Christian b/c of his Jesus talk—we had to explain and then send info to her that he is a Mormon and that they are not Christian in any way.


  6. that doesn’t surprise me about Liberty.

    It is a university that the founder called Calvinists heretics.

    Not to mention the whole Ergun Caner debacle. See James Whites writings on the matter of Ergun Caner.

    The thing that surprises me in the Christian world is when someone stands up for truth. Other than that nothing surprises me.


  7. Shane ~

    Don’t forget the cat calls and whistles that were coming from the males in the audience when Carrie Prejean came to do some interview with the Liberty head crew.


  8. This is a great post and it’s good to see that someone other than me is dealing with popular news prognosticators and what they believe in. I’m a big fan of Fox News and watch them every day to get caught up with the daily events around the country and the world. However after finding out that Glenn is a Mormon, my wife and I have cut our viewership down considerably.

    What I am finding out is that Fox News is just like all the other networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) place very little importance on following scripture to identify today’s happenings around the world and in our very own country. I have a sneaky suspicion that Glenn has picked up on this and when you watch his show or listen to him on the his radio program, he tends to mislead the listener/viewer about his religious beliefs. Which by the way go to the very foundation of what makes him tick. It’s very misleading and done in the LDS tradition of “bait and switch”.

    Regarding Liberty having (Beck) come and speak, goes to show that one problem we as Christ-followers face is that some of the very people that are going to be future leaders (if I can use that term) are being influenced by non-Christians and those in charge of the education are allowing it. This will be to their very downfall. As time passes it becomes less acceptable to look at one’s sin and moral state, and more acceptable to pick and choose what a person wants to take from the Bible.

    To Glenn Beck and Greta Van Susteren (Scientologist), if you have an issue with what is in the Bible, then the issue is deep inside of you and is there for reproof, not for you to correct the Bible and mislead with crafty chosen words…


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